I Didn't Get To See It,

But damn did it make me *** hard!

A week ago my wife went out to drink some of her friends. I had to work so I couldn't go and now I really wish I had.

 A friend's boyfriend was celebrating a birthday so the group rented a limo so they wouldn't have to worrying about driving from club to club. Well after a few dance clubs the boyfriend and his pals decided they wanted to go to a ***** club. Now my wife has never gone to a ***** club and has told me in the past that she didn't want me to go to them either. But they had been drinking and apparently her female friends that had went went with them were completely okay with it so she said she didn't need any encouraging.

The thought of my wife in a ***** club feeding money to a ******** is hot enough but apparently while they were there my wife and her friends were talking about which ******** they thought was nice looking, which one had nice **** and things like that.

Well after the ***** club the limo took them to a couple more dance clubs. By this time I was home and after those few more dance clubs my wife called me to come pick her up. I drove over there and parked relatively close to club and sent her a text that I was there.I waited for a good 5 minutes before she came out and when she did, she went over to the limo parked a few spots behind me. I saw in my rear view mirror that she was telling her friends that were around the limo goodbye so I just waited in the car and listened to the radio.

Finally my wife came over and got in the car. She was pretty drunk and laid her head down on the headrest and looked over at me with a glazed, drunken smile. And she was HORNY! I had barely gotten on the road before she was reaching over and unzipping my pants. I asked her if she had fun and she said yeah and proceeded to tell me everything I just shared while giving me a *******, or not so much a ******* as I guess just playing with my ****.

Thankfully we live only a couple miles from the club and we made it home in no time. As soon as we got inside she was shedding clothes as she drunkenly stumbled her way to the bed. And I didn't waste any time myself. While we were having sex I kept asking questions about the ***** club.

Did you like the ***** club? (Yes)

Did you give any money to the strippers? (Yes)

Did you think any of the strippers were cute? (Yes but they're breasts weren't big enough)


But what made me blow my wad was this. My wife told me she made out with a girl!

Apparently when the girls were discussing the strippers someone brought up girls kissing each other and my wife confessed that while she wouldn't kiss a ******** should probably would like to kiss another girl.

 So while I was absentmindedly waiting in the car for her to tell her friends goodbye, my wife said that her friend came straight up and locked lips with her! My wife said she wasn't expecting it but that she went along with it. (I have recently been encouraging my wife to tell me some softer, bi-curious type fantasies of hers while we have sex so she knows how much it turns me on so I think this is probably why)

When she confessed this I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I asked,

Did you like it? (Yeah, her lips were soft)

Did she feel you up? (No)

Did she slip you any tongue? (No, it was more of a romantic kiss. She held my head)

And with that last confession I was done.

Man I wish I had went out with them, Or at least kept looking in my rear view mirror when I went to pick her up!

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I had a similar experience a while back.. There were some girls in the group we hung out with that would kiss other girls when they were out. A couple of times my wife went out with the group when I was stuck at work. They would tease her, saying that she was only a couple of drinks from jumping in, but she never did. What they didn't know was that she would have if I was there. She told me about it later and said if I was there she would have but she felt she would be cheating if she did it behind my back.<br />
<br />
Then one night we were out with the same group when one of the girls sitting by my wife grabbed her, pulling her close and began kissing her. My wife went for it and they were having a full out make out session. It didn't go any further then them French kissing but I really enjoyed watching my wife having her first girl- girl kiss. <br />
<br />
She had another, more intense encounter with another friend shortly after, this time I got to join in with the two of them. <br />
<br />
Those two nights really opened my wife up to taking the fantasy the rest of the way.

Thats awesome would love for my wife to try

Thats awesome would love for my wife to try