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Wife Made To ***** Naked & Molested In Front Of Me

I wrote this story last year but managed to get my account deleted by accident, my apologies if you have read this before as it's still available, anyway for those who haven't seen it :-

I want to watch my wife having to ***** naked in front of other men, I have this fantasy about travelling to a foreign country with my wife, when we return back to the airport to go home, the security staff are concerned about something in my wife's hand luggage and ask us to accompany them to an examination room, my wife's luggage is then searched but they seem satisfied she's not carrying anything of concern, we both feel a sense of relief that all is ok and we can continue with our journey, we are about to leave the room, when she is suddenly asked to remove her shoes & jacket by one of the two male members of the security staff, the another male stands to the side of her, a bit puzzled she does as he says and places them on the table, the 1st man then explains that he has the right to complete a full clothing search and requests she now take off her jeans & t shirt, I object but she tells me to take it easy, she will do this so we can go home, so without hesitation she slides the t shirt over her head and places it on the table in front of her, she then casually unbuttons and pulls her jeans down, pulling them over each foot and again placing on the table, both men smile and look at each other, while she stands there in just her white cotton panties & blue mesh bra, I can see she is embarrassed but doesn't make a fuss, they make no attempt to search her jeans and the man gestures with his finger that everything else needs to come off, to my surprise, she nods her head slightly forward & looks at me to say that she must do it.

She unclips her bra / slides off her panties & puts both on the table ( in her version her panties are yanked to the ground and pulled off by an over zealous security man and her bra is quickly taken off too) both men smile again and mutter something to each other, but she stands there defiant with a strange tiny smile on her face as if to say "she's not fazed" she turns her head and gives me a big smile then turns back to face them.

She is then asked to stand with her back against a white wall (in her version, it`s a mirrored wall with various men watching behind and possibly taping her) in the room by the 2nd man, which she does without questioning, the 2nd man remains standing opposite her staring at her body, whilst the 1st man reaches in his coat pocket and pulls out a camera and then approaches her, she tries to cover herself with her hands and is told quite abruptly to keep them by her sides, she does this reluctantly as he snaps every part of her body, then she is told to stand with her feet 60 cm apart and to lean forward and try to touch her toes, keeping her legs straight and her bottom high, she complies without arguing and the 2nd man spreads her cheeks with his two fingers and smiles again when her lips start to open, the camera clicks endlessly at this, then he tells me wife to stand with her legs apart again and raise her hands above her head, she does it and the little **** rubs his hands all over her body to her ankles working his way up to rub her breasts, I yell at him to stop, but he puts his hand on his gun resting in his holster, my wife yells at me to calm down, she's ok, he takes his hand off and carries on molesting her while I watch, but this time he rubs her inner thigh, then his middle finger touches her **** and he rubs that, I hear her squeal as his middle finger enters her and he sticks in it & out again & again, she struggles a little and he withdraws and goes back to her ****, when he has enough the second man comes over, stands behind her and rubs her bottom, he wastes no times in grabbing her **** and also sticks his finger in her while I'm made to watch, about 5 mins pass and the men decide that they have had their fun, so she is told to go and stand back in front of the desk, she remains standing naked whilst these idiots have another look inside her hand luggage.

They keep her standing there for a few more minutes & agree that she can have her underwear back, but as she dresses the 1st man takes a few snaps of her in her panties & bra for good measure, we are told that they want to do a drugs test on her jeans/t shirt & we are escorted out of the room & made to wait in an adjoining one, as we sit various custom officals come in & out and get a view of her in her undies, a few other male passengers are also waiting there, but all are fully clothed, my wife shrugs it off, then a man in his late 60's sits opposite my wife and smiles at her exposure, her mesh bra showing her breasts off perfectly and her white panties on full display.

To make matters worse there's a glass wall in front of us, so any passenger walking past can see us, I notice a few men walk past & stare in for a good look & try to ignore them, finally the remainder of her clothes are bought in with her luggage, she quickly gets dressed, her luggage is zipped up and handed back to her and he nods to her that she can leave, she walks ahead of me out of the room, I look at the 1st man with anger and he says in broken English " it was great making your wife ***** for us and I have the photos to share and enjoy", I know that I am powerless to do anything so I leave the room livid and join my wife, she tries to cheer me up by saying "it wasn't a big deal and it's over now" she goes on to say that " in the future the thought of two men making her *****, touching & photographing her nude might turn me on" she's so right...

Debtor1 Debtor1 36-40, M 8 Responses Dec 23, 2010

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Great fantasy. I've written similar stories.very hot. If you'd like email me grabby612@yahoo..thanks

I love the story. Sounds like a great fantasy and sounds like your wife would love it!

Nice story.<br />
Louise CD

I read the slightly shorter version,this is even better,thanks!

I'd love to be one of the security men in the story ...

Fantastic story...would love to see my wife in the same situation,,so hot.

Very erotic!

Back at you with your comment on my story, I got a hard on reading this.