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Made My Wife To Tease Other

As it had been almost a year to our marriage. We decided to take a leave from usual work & planned to holiday in Singapore & Thailand for couple of days. As we left for Airport I told my wife that I wish to see you in the best of your revealing outfits every worn by you. She’s not reluctant in showing of her beautiful assets because she knows they are the best. Hence, she agreed.

We reached Singapore at night around 8 PM. quite tired from the journey my wife insisted me to have a drink before we could hit the bed for sleep. I agreed & made a way the bar nearest to the airport. My wife was wearing a tight micro short denim skirt. It was short enough to cover her butts so you could clearly figure out her tight hips moving inside while she walked. She has well toned shiny long legs & seductive thighs which made every man’s eye passing by stuck on them while she moved. Her blue blouse had a very deep neck line revealing her beautiful breasts partially. It was not that transparent but still one could see her bra cups from front at stripes from back. She was looking amazingly sexy.

Soon we were at the bar, which was not that crowded, had a couple of Germans & Australians around, chatting, dancing & having fun. I saw an Australian man at us from a corner. They were in mid 40’s I guess. The man was tall & looked like a handsome gentlemen who must have had good experiences with girls at bar. I knew he was eyeing on my wife’s ***, which lookrd very tempting to be touched, while she was sitting on bar stool. Somehow he was too shy to be open to admit how sexy she looked may be because I was around. So I decided to move out of his view, while he could manage to enjoy something more than expected

So I moved out with an excuse to book for a cab for tomorrow from nearby. She looked at me & said “Fine honey, please make sure to wrap it up faster as drinks are getting on me n I m feeling high” ...”Sure it would take just a few minutes” I said loudly in order to make it clear for gentlemen to try his luck and left. The bar had clear windows so that one could easily peep in, to check how the place is & as it wasn’t that crowded either so I stood at a safe place where I saw my wife’s back towards me. As assumed, that man stood from the table he was sitting alone & grabbed a bar stool next to my wife. I couldn’t hear what he said to her but was fine enough for the conversation to get started. With his this gesture, I knew he must have an experience of getting laid with girls of my wife’s age & knew how to impress them too. As minutes passed by & he made my wife quite comfortable with him. I thought this was time when I could try to make some more favorable changes for the gentleman, as my wife’s too shy to give him what he wanted from her.

I came inside & told her that arrangements have been made & cab would pick us up by 11 am tomorrow. She smiled at me & said “Fine honey, it’s really good”..”Oh by the way let me introduce to you to this gentlemen, Harris” ..”Hey Harris, How you doing” I greeted him. “Harris is from Sydney & is over here on vacations with his family” She continued with a smile on her face & holding Harris shoulder with warmth. I knew drinks & Harris maturity of handling women were doing magic. “Well that’s great.”.. I replied & ordered for a drink while they continued chatting.

I saw my wife was quite high by this time & her blouse was on the verge of falling off from her shoulders making her bare from front. Harris was enjoying the view as from his angle; one could easily see her left bra cup, appearing out from her blouse, holding her beautiful breast. I made my move smartly by getting into the conversation & kept my hand on her shoulder to push the blouse down from shoulder. As I pushed it, successfully, her blouse fell from her left shoulder, revealing her left breast, held by left cup of her bra with thin blue string hanging from shoulder. She was too drunk to realize it. The bartender immediately stole a sec to admire her breasts & so did Harris, he seemed to enjoy it & looked at me. I ignored & pretended to be more interested in what both of them were giggling about in order to not make him feel conscious. After chatting for lil more my wife said “I think I am too high to even stand, ha ha, honey you need to find a cab to the hotel”… “Harris, It was lovely talking to you wish to catch up with you & your kids tomorrow”…”Yeah certainly, even it was very interesting to know you guys & especially you mam you are very charming young lady”….Harris replied with a gentle & flirtious tone while gazing at my wife’s breast.& fondling with her hand”..”Ooops!! Ha ha ..Thanks for the compliment Harris” ..she caught Harris eyes on her breast & with a naughty blush on face lifted up her blouse to cover her breasts again”…”even you are quite handsome & interesting”.

“No not certainly right now, before you show Harris about the tattoo we were talking about all this while. Harris you need to check it as it’s really a nice piece of art.” …I interrupted with an urge of my wife showing her tattoo which she had grafted at her left inner thigh. “No honey, it’s quite embarrassing, can’t show it right now & it’s quite late as well”. she giggled with shy & looked at me with naughtiness in her eyes”…”Yes that’s right, we need to have view of the artistic excellence we have been talking about all this while & I have all the time in this universe for art, you know I just told you” Harris replied instantly, as I am sure he was quite turned on to look at her breasts & now wanted to see more of her, he must be thanking from his heart to me for this generous appeal of mine.:” I agree, Harris, as we should at least view what a piece of art a man can make”. I said with a grip on my wife arms & revolved her chair, facing her legs towards Harris. I got down and stood near to my wife in order for her not to feel embarrassed & only Harris & me can enjoy the view. “Alight if you insist” ..She replied with a smile and blinked her eyes up. I felt so turned on & felt an instant hardness in my pants to see Harris. His face became serious & wicked & eyes became focused on her short skirt & tightly crossed legs, which were about to open in a while. He gulped his drink and shifted the glass aside on table & kept his left arm over my shoulder to make a small room for her to open her legs.

My wife looked everywhere to ensure everyone was busy in whatever they were doing (which everyone was for sure) & then uncrossed her smooth silky long legs slowly, firstly parallel to each other & then pulled her tight short skirt with force so that her inner thighs were visible. “See this is it, it’s a resemblance of traditional mark which Chinese warriors had on there back”. She replied while pulling her skirt firmly back with both hands...”Well yeah but it isn’t visible”.. Harris replied with more interest in his eyes to peek inside her skirt & have a view of her panty. “Darling, I think u need to lift it bit more up, it actually isn’t visible”. I confirmed. “Ok, one second”. She replied with a sloshed voice & curious to show of her art, (which none of us were interested in), She opened up her legs wider this time for a better view & had a shy smile on her face thinking she might not end up showing of her white satin panty, which she was wearing. I shifted my one arm behind Harris & pushed him bit more forward so that he could fall on her a bit & get a chance of supporting himself back by grabbing her legs with his hands, which he was dying to do for past one hour. Harris felt the push & made it an excuse to instantly grab her legs to avoid the fall (as expected). I could see a firm grip of Harris while he held my wife’s smooth legs. My wife got bit shocked & confused as she wasn’t expecting this sudden gesture. Her eyes opened up in disbelief & too was shy to respond.

“Yeah it’s visible, is it to you Harris?” “Isn’t it amazing?” “Something which only a true artist can prepare?”… I said with an attempt of giving Harris’ gesture a cover and not to make my wife feel uncomfortable. Harris hands were resting at my wife’s thighs, on listening to what I said he got an opportunity to have more clear view of his desire, so he made his face more intense with curiosity, fully turned on, he made grip on my wife’s thigh bit stronger & forced it open more wider. He pushed the legs & bowed his neck down & head more closely into her inner thighs. As the legs were full wide open with a firm grip of Harris it refrained my wife from the attempt of closing her legs, with shy she giggled “ha ha well Harris I was telling you it’s an art” and instantly pulled her skirt down & tried to close her legs. Harris grip was too firm & he appeared all turned on. He refused to let his grip off her legs and forced them to open it apart bit more, to see the view which he wanted to since the first look he had on my wife. “Yeah, I can see it’s purely magical, you are right, look at the fine lines he has drawn in tattoo woow”.. Harris replied while rubbing & sliding his hands from her thighs towards her skirts hems. There was this clear view of my wife panty, white & because it was satin so it had stuck deep inside her vagina, her clean shaved vagina’s lips were visible with her panty hose dug deep insider her vagina. Harris was enjoying the view of her vagina, closely as he had an expression of satisfaction, enjoyment & wildness on his face but he appeared as if he was admiring tattoo instead her vagina. He pushed his hand more and it began to slide inside her skirt. She instantly groped Harris hands & shifted them back, crossed her thighs tight & adjusted her skirt back. “Ya, that’s true, the artist has done great job though”.” I think there might be lot more tattoo artist here” isn’t it?” Harris was still in state of seductive trance & imagining how sexy my wife was with her pink vagina tucked in panty. He was turned on & so was I , with my **** hard inside & was wishing if he could get another chance & this time to hump her. “Well yeah there must be plenty”…”we can meet tomorrow & find some what you think mam”.. Harris replied as if nothing happened to him. “Well yes only if we make to bed as soon as we can because I might pass out in here if gonna stay lil more” My wife replied with curiosity & sloshed laughter.

“Ya & we all will meet here tomorrow by 12 PM right Harris?”.. I added to get confirmation from both in order to bring Harris have a chance to view my wife naked tomorrow.

Let me know how u liked this did so far. !! As experience after that ‘s worth reading !!

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couple that plays togheter stays togheter :D


Very sexy

indeed it was