Kisses Her Boss

Well my girlfriend has just told me that she was out for drinks with her workmates from her old job the other night, they were playing a game and making bets, she lost and the bet was to kiss her boss for five seconds.  She was reluctant to make the bet at the beginning but she was drunk and one of her girlfriends asked her how long it had been since she had kissed a guy (we are currently in a long distance relationship) and told her that this was her chance.

She told me that she kissed him to the count of five seconds in front of her friends, that it was a full kiss with tongues and that she liked it.  She said after they rated each other out of 100, he scored her 93 and she scored him 95.  He wanted to kiss her more that night and walk away from everyone else but she wouldn't let him.  He has contacted her again since then and told her that he wants to do it again, she has teased him a little but told me that she doesn't want anything further to happen with him.


This is the first time (to my knowledge) that she has kissed anyone else since she has been with me and I find it very hot and another step in the right direction for our relationship, especially the fact that she told me about it and that she admitted she liked it!

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

That's great news... how did you raise the prospect and what did she say about finding 'someone else'?

Yeah it was incredibly hot, especially as this was the first time she had done this, the fact that it was with her boss just made it even better, unfortunately it doesn't look like she wants to repeat the experience with him, even though he has been chasing her, but she seems happy to find someone else...

It must have been so hot to think of her kissing another guy with tongues... is she likely to reconsider and do it again?