Wife Loves To Be Licked

As you have read in my other story I have fantasized about sharing my wife with another man. She is very much a cougar in bed and will suck my **** to completion (but has only swallowed once) and I have been able to get her out of her shell a little bit by getting her to talk dirty. I have gotten her to ask to have her ***** licked (not a small feat) and to play with her **** when I am licking her ****. There is not doubt in my mind that she would, in the right situation get into at least a soft swap scenario. All this I am telling you because it pertains to an opportunity that happened the other day. My Robin I know looks at other men but would never admit it out loud because it would go against the image she wants to portray of herself.  We were watching TV a few years ago she saw Richard Gere (her favorite which i still do not understand) and made a ummmm sound at the TV in front of me. A little later she all but undressed with her eyes a guy with a nice looking suit on who was walking in the parking lot in front of us. This all leads me up to a week or so ago. I have been telling her that she talks in her sleep, which she does. She moans a lot (sometimes in pleasure and sometimes in pain) and I always take note how she is acting the next day. So I have the ***** out and using it on her and I tell her to suck my **** and pretend the ***** is another guy in her box. She froze for a moment and I thought I have really stepped in it now but to my amazement she did not stop. She did not talk about the ***** but she did continue to grind it. The funny thing is she swears she does not like the ***** but when I have the vibrator on with it she lets out a ooohhh sound and grinds against it.   I am hoping all of this will lead up to me having a friend over to join us for dinner or to get in the hot tub. Nothing sexual at first but we will work our way up to coming in from the hottub and peeling off her clothes and having a ********* on the couch in the basement which is her favorite thing to do when we get out of the hottub.
celtic celtic
41-45, M
Nov 27, 2012