The Husband Has Some Friends Over And He Notices That They Keep Staring At His Wife, It Is Obvious They Want To **** Her, So, What Will He Do?

The husband has some friends over and he notices that they keep staring at his wife, it is obvious they want to **** her, so, what will he do?

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We extend our thanks to the author Alex.

One Friday night I had two friends over for some drinks. Jason was married and Rob was not. We all knew each other from our jobs and had been friends for a few years now. My wife Lisa was home and was used to the Friday night routine of the guys getting together. My wife is a very sexy Latina, 25 yrs old with long brown hair, nice C cup **** and the best *** you have ever seen! This night she was wearing short and tight blue jean shorts with a small white tank top. She would come into the living room periodically and I could notice my friends eyes on her as usual.

As the more drinks flowed, the more obvious it was that they were staring at my wife and the less I seemed to care. I began to get horny from this and I called Lisa over and asked if she would have a few drinks with us. She grabbed a beer, sat on my lap and began to drink. As time went on the conversation turned to sex. Jason was talking about how his wife gave the best blow jobs but that she hadn’t given him one in a while. Rob was saying how long it had been since he had even had sex, much less a blow job. Lisa, who is usually shy, began talking about how she loved the sex we had and even discussed how she had to give me head at least once a week. This conversation continued for what seemed like hours with the topics getting more sexual.

It was about 1 in the morning and Lisa excused herself to go the bathroom. Feeling relaxed, I grabbed her *** as she got up and she let out a sexy moan. Jason and Rob just wathced and I could see the lust in their eyes. I soon excused myself as well and followed Lisa to the restroom. I waited outside the door and as soon as it opened I began to kiss and fondle her. I told her how horny she had all of us with the sex talk and how sexy she looked. I started to rub her ***** and I told her that Jason and Rob kept staring at her and that I could tell that they wanted to **** her. She said that they were my friends and there was no way they wanted to **** her. I stuck my hand down the front of her shorts and panties and could feel that she was extremely wet. She began to rub my **** and I whispered, “will you let them **** you?” She paused for a minute and said, “I’ll do whatever you want me to.” We continued for a minute and I told her to take off all her clothes and go lay down on the bed as if you are going to sleep. She hesitated and asked if I was sure about this. I smiled and told her that we should just have a little fun.

I returned to the living room to see that Jason and Rob were watching a soft core ***** on TV. I sat quiet for a minute and then I asked them if they wanted to see Lisa naked. They looked at me puzzled to see if I was joking. When they could tell that I was serious, Jason said, “sure, if you don’t mind.” Rob was more brave and said, “hell yeah, let’s go!”

We all walked to the room and I slowly opened the door. There was Lisa laying so sexy and pretending she was asleep. She was laying on her back and her **** were in full view of us. I almost wanted to stop everything at that moment but the excitement and horniness kept me going. Rob asked if we could see more so I went over and pulled the blanket off of her exposing her nicely trimmed ***** and sexy legs. At this point, I guess all inhibitions were lost and Rob pulled out his **** and began to stroke it. Jason followed suit and soon they were both looking at my naked wife stroking their dicks. After a few minutes, Lisa turned over and exposed her perfect ***. They both wanted to *** at this moment, but then I asked if they wanted to touch her. Without hesitation they moved towards her. Jason began rubbing Lisa’s *** while Rob grabbed her hand and was rubbing it on his ****. Jason moved to rubbing her ***** from behind and he noticed that she was really wet. He looked back at me and said, “she wants it.” At this moment Lisa began to moan and she took control of Rob’s **** and began to stroke it for him. I could not believe the sight of my wife being such a ***** with two of my friends. They turned my wife towards them and Rob put his **** towards her lips. She then opened her mouth and began sucking his ****. Jason opened up Lisa’s legs and stuck his 7″ **** in her wet *****. She let out a moan as he entered her while still keeping the **** in her mouth. I couldn’t help myself so I went over to her and she began taking turns on me and Rob’s ****. Jason kept pounding her ***** and finally pulled out and cummed on her stomach. Rob then told her to turn around and began ******* Lisa doggy style. I stayed in front so she could keep sucking me but I couldn’t hold it much longer and I came in her mouth. Me and Jason sat back relaxing while Rob continued to assault my wife’s ***** from behind. He started to smack her *** and call her a little **** and she seemed to love it. When he was finally ready to ***, he put her on her knees and cummed all over her pretty face. Lisa sat there for a second drenched in *** and she looked like such a *****. She got up and went to take a shower and I asked the guys to never say anything. They agreed then joked that as long as they could come over every weekend, they will never say anything. Rob and Jason spent the night that night and they ****** Lisa a few more times. Ever since then we have had fun on several occasions. My wife has truly become a little **** and I love it!

There are many more stories to *** if you like… Alex.

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Awesome story, got me hard