This Divorced Lady Is Really Looking For Some Big **** To Ram Her *****, But Such A Guy Is Hard To Find…

This divorced lady is really looking for some big **** to ram her *****, but such a guy is hard to find…

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I’m a 32 y/o recently divorced mother of two. I’m a Nursing Assistant (CNA) with a busy schedule, and sometimes having to working late with little free time. My sex drive is very high, and now being separated from my ex for over a month, I was in need of a good *******. My apartment window looks out over the Jacuzzi and another pool. A few late nights a week I’ve peeked out my window to see this skinny white guy that’s amazingly hung wearing a Speedo. Not so much a turn-on, but I guess peeking at him just out of pure amazement at the size of his penis. His Speedo is always loose and pulled up high over his navel which is so gross like he’s wearing adult diapers. But watching him get out of the Jacuzzi and walk over to the other pool was the funniest to watch. His penis was honestly bigger than the length and width of my foot, and as he walked it wobbled like Jell-O. As a CNA, I’ve seen plenty of naked guys to judge from, so I started to wonder how a penis could be so large and still be real. The guy had to be over 10 inches limp with the biggest glans I’ve ever seen. I thought about what he looked like when aroused as he clearly was already thicker than a soda can. So I planned a trip out to meet Mr. Wobble.

The following week late one night I looked out my window and he was back again. My two girls were staying with my mom, making it a perfect night to meet the guy with a physique so bizarre it was creepy. He was standing by the Jacuzzi in his Speedo talking on his cell phone. I put on one of my favorite bikinis and grabbed a towel. Probably a waist of time I thought, because the guy was either gay or a freak by the way he wore his Speedo. Even if he wasn’t, the one size fits all scenario wouldn’t apply with this one as he was way too big to accommodate. So I guess just out of sheer curiosity I pushed on, walking down the stairs towards the Jacuzzi.

He was off the phone as I made it through the gate. We looked up at each other and he said “hi there”. He started talking about the Jacuzzi or the jets of water now being fixed or something, but I couldn’t understand him as I was in shock at the size of his ****. As nerdy as he looked in a loose pulled up Speedo, I started to get aroused as I unwrapped my towel and stepped into the pool. He introduced himself as Lee and asked how I liked the apartments. We started to talk with the conversation primarily on our professions. He said he installed TV dishes for cable. Wow! Why I thought wasn’t he making ******, and I giggled inside a little.

He changed the conversation to his ex girlfriend and why they broke up. I admitted I had a recent divorce. I caught him looking at me in a way that removed the fear he was gay. He complemented me on the way I looked in my bikini and I became aroused. We started talking about nutrition and that I was trying to lose weight. I stood up in the Jacuzzi with my tummy tucked in and asked if he thought I was fat. He said I was gorgeous and described my figure in detail which set me on fire. He stood up as he went on about my impressive good looks. Dear God the guy was a donkey. His limp **** extended way out past the inner lining of his Speedo giving me an x-ray view of his massive glans and shaft. I burst out laughing and covered my face in embarrassment. He asked me what was so funny as his huge thingy started to wobble again like Jell-O. I couldn’t stop laughing and I was getting even more aroused.

I said I was so sorry, but I’ve never seen a guy with such a large one. He asked “a large one what?” I responded with the typical “you know what I’m talking about stupid”. He looked down at himself and pulled up his already pulled up baggy Speedo and said “this”? I was laughing profusely as I stared down at his enormous ****. OMG, I could see he was getting bigger and bigger. I couldn’t speak or even move. I just wanted to get ****** hard, but not by a guy this size, no way, so why was I so turned on? He came closer as he grew even bigger. He said he wouldn’t bite or something equally stupid. I couldn’t even respond I was so intoxicated. He asked me if it was ok to be next to me. I don’t even remember what I said. He gently pushed up against me and asked to rub the back of my neck and put his hand on my shoulders. It felt so good so I couldn’t say no. I could feel his enormous **** pressed up against my back. I slowly turned around and put my arms around him. I pulled him closer and we kissed. We kissed and kissed. I straddled his **** wrapping my legs around him as we kept kissing. I looked down at his foot long **** pressed up against my ***** and rubbed his grapefruit sized **** head.

Even though I never had sex with him, or even took off my bikini, I had one of the best ******* in my life. I felt bad I didn’t return the favor, as I left him there with his giant woody. I never approached him again because I knew we couldn’t go any further.

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Christ! you could have at least jacked him off or let him **** your **** or nibbled on the big head until he got off. I hope the next **** you got was 5" and thin.