The Husband Gets Off On The Idea Of His Wife Being ****** By Someone Else, He Dreams Of Seeing Her ***** Being Torn Apart By Some Fat Meat, One Day, His Dreams *** True! We Have Been Married For 5 Years Already And Lived Happily. But At A Certain Moment

The husband gets off on the idea of his wife being ****** by someone else, he dreams of seeing her ***** being torn apart by some fat meat, one day, his dreams *** true!

We have been married for 5 years already and lived happily. But at a certain moment something changed and our sexual life became less successful than it used to be. And it wasn’t my fault, I wanted my wife all the time – she’s pretty, with small breasts, a thin waist, wide hips and a perfect ***. When I ****** her in a doggy position the scene was so arousing that my climax was much stronger and twice as sooner than when she lay on her back.

And I knew she loved sex a lot. I was aware of her fantasies. She dreamt of being ****** by several men simultaneously or one after the other, when one drilled into her and others watched the process waiting for their turn. Or she wanted two huge ***** to enter her *****; she wanted to feel their ***** hit the walls of her vagina filling all the space inside. I think I don’t need to mention these fantasies drove me mad a lot too.

But despite her great love to sex and sexual games she wasn’t enthusiastic about sex with her husband any more. Could I have done something wrong? I don’t know what had happened but she used to like our crazy nights. Now she refused my caress saying she had a headache, was tired or in low spirits. But the spring had come and my body required sexual pleasures.

On one of this unsatisfied days a girl sent me a message through icq. According to the information given she was 20 and loved all kinds of sex. She asked me about my sexual preferences, the details of our sexual life with my wife, and our fantasies. At first I had a feeling someone wanted to trick on me. This might be a 40-year old man instead of a young girl talking to me. But for some reason I told her everything – that I wanted my wife to be ****** by several men, that she got aroused from such fantasies either, and the fact her natural shyness didn’t allow her to realize her dreams.

However, once a man my wife liked chatting with through the icq persuaded her to meet him in real life. She was even ready to go to that date, despite the fact she was afraid a lot. But that guy wasn’t ready himself for such an action and refused to meet at the last moment. After that my wife didn’t even want to discuss such things.

The girl offered me her help. She said she had a friend of 25 years old, handsome and hunky. She had had sex with him a few times and liked that a lot. She said he might want to please my wife. I tried to refuse, found some excuses telling my wife wouldn’t want to be unfaithful. But suddenly I realized I was just making up all these things. Why not try once? I felt I could trust this girl. Her friend would seduce my spouse and she would be very happy to get what she had always wanted.

So, I made up my mind and gave the girl my wife’s icq number. At that moment I had my mouth dry with excitement. I understood that from the minute I had done that I had no control over the situation anymore and could only guess what would happen next.

A couple of days later I noticed my wife smiling while doing housework. I remembered this state of hers. The same way she behaved when the guy I’ve told you already offered her to date him. She’d retold me all their conversations, his compliments which she liked so much, his promises to please her in the most incredible positions.

But this time when I asked whether someone tried to tempt her she said she had too little time for that at work and smiled because she recalled something that happened to her colleague. I had doubts that she was telling me the truth but finally believed her as she had never lied to me before.

When she finished cleaning and cooking she took a flash drive and sat at the computer saying her friend had asked her to show some photos. We had plenty of various pictures, even those with my wife nude posing in all possible manners. But at that moment I didn’t even think about those pics and of course I couldn’t expect she was choosing among them also.

A few days later I was waiting for my spouse in the car. I used to drive her home after work. This time she was late for some reason. I called her and heard her saying in a sad voice that she had problems at her job and would have to stay longer. So, she told me she was going to spend the night with her mother who lived close to her work place. I believed her. At 11 p.m. she called me to say she was at her mother’s apartment, tired and almost sleepy.

On Saturday she said she had to go to work again (she usually doesn’t work at weekends). I offered her to drive her to the place but to my surprise she refused saying she would go on her own as the weather was fine and she wanted to have a walk. I decided not to insist and my darling soon left.

In the afternoon I received a message from my friend who I had given my wife’s number to. She told me my wife was in a sauna with two men. She added my spouse was very horny and men were glad to discover that.

After reading that message I could do nothing. I wanted to do much about the house but failed as my hands trembled. I couldn’t believe it really had happened. Had she really been ******* with two guys???

My honey returned late at night. She called me and asked to drive her home from the bus stop. On the way home she was silent and looked happy. She smiled for some reason but said nothing.

I could barely drive. My hands were shaking and the head was full of different thoughts which tortured me much. But I didn’t know how to ask her and what to ask actually.

On arriving home my wife went to the bathroom and locked the door which she had never done before. Of course I thought she did that to wash after the great **** she had been participating in. I wondered whether they had used condoms or not. When I thought that they hadn’t my **** got immediately hard.

When we went to bed I decided to tempt her and expected she would refuse but she suddenly turned to me, put her leg on me and I saw her sparkling eyes.

“Honey, do you remember the fact you allowed me to have sex with someone else if I want to? Were you serious then?”

I had goose bumps all over my back.

“Yes, I do remember” I said.

It happened about two years ago and I had already forgotten about it. Then my darling added:

“So… You know… I slept with another man… Your dream has come true…. Do you feel happy?”

And her hand slid to my boxers to check whether I was “happy” or not. Her words made my mouth dry and my “happiness” grew hugely.

“Tell me about it” I whispered with my dry lips.

I started caressing her body as if I was trying to find traces left on it by another man.

“Has it happened today? And that day you didn’t stay at work, right? How did you meet? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You know my attitude to this…”

“I wanted to make a surprise for you!”

Well, the surprise was great! This is what she told me:

One day a man sent her a message through the icq. She didn’t pay attention much at this fact because nearly every day someone did that. My wife was usually ready to ban anyone who told any obscene things. But this time the man was very polite and chatted on various topics. As it turned out they had common interests.

A few days later he offered her to exchange photos. He looked hunky and handsome. They continued chatting. It was easy to talk to him. He joked a lot and she laughed at his jokes. So, in a couple of weeks my wife was fascinated by this man and when he invited her to have dinner with him one evening she agreed.

I thought she had plenty of work to do but she left her job at usual time. He was already waiting for her. She got into his car and they drove to the restaurant. In reality he was a very witty and cheerful man.

My wife was very worried because when you go to a date to a person you had never seen this is always like a lottery. This time she was lucky and he was a normal man. He kept on charming her and the wine favored the situation.

When the dinner was almost over my wife got worried again. What might she do if he didn’t drive her home and try to seduce her? She envisioned different situations and didn’t know how to react to any of them.

They left the restaurant and moved to his car. It was cool outside. When they almost reached the car he stopped, turned her to him and started kissing her lips passionately. My wife couldn’t have expected this but enjoyed the kiss very much. It was very new, not worse or better than my kisses but different. This was exactly what she wanted – something new and different.

He wrapped his arm around her waist while his other hand began exploring her thigh and then the butt.

They got into the car. My wife tried to understand what she felt and what her emotions were like. At this time he drove far from her office and then stopped the car. It was dark out, the windows were tinted and my wife was absolutely unaware of where they were.

He kissed her again but this time he was acting bolder. His hands pulled her skirt up and exposed the legs. My honey had her head dizzy, she even didn’t try to resist.

“Can it happen right here? Right now?” she thought.

She had never had other sexual partners except me and this time was like losing virginity again. His caress made her excited a lot and she raised her butt to let him pull her pantyhose down. He decided to leave the panties on but his fingers were working under them already. Her ***** was wet and the digits started fondling her labia tenderly. She spread her legs wider to provide him more space.

My darling wanted to serve him too and undid his pants easily. His **** was already stiff and hot. And it was neatly shaved, like my wife likes. And though she told me the size wasn’t important, at that moment she understood she was wrong. The guy’s **** was long and fat.

“Suck it, please…” he asked my wife.

She doesn’t like sucking but this **** she wanted to try. When it was close to her she understood this was the best and the most beautiful **** she had ever seen.

She could put only the head inside. She licked the stem, the balls and was surprised by the softness and tenderness of the skin. It was so enjoyable to work on this instrument! She took it into her mouth trying to suck in as deep as she was able to. Her tongue was fondling the head, the scrotum…

The man couldn’t restrain himself any more. He just pressed my wife’s head to his phallus and ********** into her mouth. My spouse hadn’t expected everything would happen so fast. Her mouth was full of *****. She started swallowing the *** instinctively and the thought a man she didn’t almost know was coming into her mouth even made her more aroused.

She was sucking so hard as if trying to get the very last drop of ***** he had. When she released the **** it was a bit limp but she didn’t want to let it have a rest. She licked his shaft, then the foreskin feeling pretty turned on from the idea she was an unfaithful wife.

“I wonder what would my hubby do if he saw me working like this?” she suddenly thought.

The man offered her to move to the back seat of the car. While my wife was climbing over the front seats he left the car and soon was at the seat. He pulled down his pants, parted his legs freely and ordered my wife to lower herself on his ****. His **** was erected again as if he hadn’t climaxed a few minutes ago.

My spouse looked at the **** cautiously. It was huge for her. However, she moved her legs wider and started lowering herself slowly. She expected pain. He understood that and began caressing her boobs and pinching her nipples.

My wife wanted a slow sex that is why her movements were very slow, lower and lower. And at last she felt her vulva lips touched the head of the ****. She moved further looking straight into his eyes. He didn’t tear his eyes too and stopped moving, allowing her to impale on his tool herself.

My wife felt a hard flesh was filling her. She was amazed that it didn’t hurt at all. She felt some pleasant fullness in her vagina. She started slow frictions. It was entering her deeper and deeper touching something deep inside that made her cry. But at the same time she felt pleasure and didn’t want to stop.

Her new lover squeezed her buttocks and helped her to move on him. Some time later he changed the position, put her on her back, her leg on his shoulder, and began ******* my wife with his big ****.

She had climaxed by that time once but still was enjoying the process. She wanted him to pour his juices into her hot passage. So when he asked if he could do that she just pressed him closer to her. Se wanted to feel the spurts of ***** hitting her inner walls.

He squeezed the buttocks strongly, painfully and made a hoarse sound. His frictions became faster.

“He’s coming!..” my wife understood.

It seemed to her she could feel the **** spitting the ***** out. It was pulsing inside and she was enjoying that much.

For some time they lay together. It was so pleasant to lie this way, in a relaxed manner. They didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. But it was late and they had to separate.

He drove my wife to her mom’s apartment where she spent the rest of the night…

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