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Tying Each Other Up

I want to see my wife getting ****** by another man. That would be so hot! But It would be so erotic to watch them have a bondage affair! Taking turns tying each other up for sex.

What would be the ultimate turn on for me would be to watch him tie her up and gag her and then **** her! Then the next time it's her turn. She takes the rope and ties him up and gags him and then becomes the dominatrix and ***** him!
pmikey pmikey 46-50, M 3 Responses Jun 9, 2010

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I would love to watch my wife dominate another guy. Tie him up with rope. Tight. Gag him. Then tease him. Then suck his ****. But don't let him *** until she takes his **** and puts it in her.

We've had a few guys that wished my wife would play dominatrix. :) She'll be great at it as soon as she wraps her mind around it.

Yes! <br />
I love ******* my wife when she's tied up! I love just looking at her and playing with her when I have her tied up. I've tied her up almost every possible way. (Never to a chair or a post yet). I've gagged her and blindfolded her. I've tied her up with scarves and rope and sometimes alot of rope. (Haven't used duct tape yet). I've tied her up naked and with black lingerie. (Not with street clothes yet. I really want to try that) She enjoys it, I can tell by her ******* but she doesn't ask to be tied up. She knows I have a major fetish for tying her up.<br />
<br />
She also knows I have a major fetish to be tied up. She's tied me up alot. She's actually pretty good at it. Unfortunately she doesn't take it upon herself to tie me up, I have to ask for it. When I finally talk her into tying me up she gets into it and I can't get free. She's tied me up alot of different ways with scarves and rope and even a belt. She's also gagged and blindfolded me too. <br />
<br />
I've never had more intense ******* than when either she's tied up or she has me tied up. <br />
<br />
I'd love to see her being bound naked to a chair or to the bed with rope and gagged and blindfolded by another man and then watch him tease her and make her horny and then he takes off her gag and she begs him to **** her. Then next time I watch her be the dominant one and do this to him.