My Beautiful Wife. to See Her Touched By Another Man Or Woman

I have often seen other men and women look at my wife. Wishing maybe they could touch her in a personal way. she is one beautiful lady. A lady in every sense. She has dark skin and is so innocent.  How I fantasize about another man or woman touching her breasts while kissing her passionately. To see another man slowly put his hand on her knee while rubbing her breasts with his mouth. I often dream about picking up a kind and gentle man who is stranded and have my wife sit close to me and the stranger close to the passenger door. I often fantasize about how the man slowly puts his hand on her knee. My wife loves kissing my chest and sucking on my nipple. I fantasize about the stranger putting his arm over my wife's shoulders and as she leans into him he exposes his strong chest. And maybe after a few glasses of wine during the drive she would loosen up enough to suck on his chest.

I need advise on how to set this up

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6 Responses Jun 12, 2008

Good luck to you and I would love to see my wife being pleasured by another man or woman. I love to see her moan with pleasure and we often talk of this fantasy. Her desire is another man and mine is to see he with another woman. But she will not take the final step, its a shame. And if she did take another man, he would have to take me too!

Every woman is different so you will have to judge if she would be open to it. I cheat a lot and seek lovers and next husband who will enjoy seeing me with other men. But I am very unique and most women do not share my views, my open mind or my insatiable sex drive. I want my next husband to think like you do, smile...

Do you have any indication from her that she would be open to this in the first place? Does she know that YOU are open to this? A surprise may not be the best way, but then again, I don't know<br />
<br />
Gotta be careful there. If you do believe she would be open, then just talk to her and tell her what your feelings are and what it is that you want.

I understand your feelings here you are not alone. <br />
Have you ever exposed her to another man before??? <br />
Set up an accident??? <br />
This can be great fun... considered this?? <br />
Do tell me..

If you figure out a way to make it happen,let me know

What if she falls in love with another man? The human touch can be a powerful thing.