I Would Love To Watch Another Man ******* My Wife.

My wife Sue and i have been together since we were teenagers. Initially i was very possessive and hated the thought of her being intimate with any other men and i used to ask her if she had let any of her previous boyfriends touch her. She loved having her ***** played with and i thought she must have let some of her other boyfriends **** her, though she always denied letting any of them do any more than finger **** her.We married and a as time went past and our children came along, we always seemed too busy to be preoccupied by such thoughts and before we knew it we were in our late 30s with a teenage family. My wife had blossomed over the years and though i would not say she was a raving beauty, she had really nice legs and a sexy bum which really caught your attention and obviously did catch the eye of many other men. She had a part time job at this time with a local refinery and it was the short skirt era, which did show of her legs and sexy bottom to good effect and i am sure she caught the eye of many of the drivers going in and out, not to mention some of her male co-workers. It was around this time, that i started having fantasies about her being ****** by another man and i found that unlike when i was younger and hated the thought, i found it a real turn on. So i started talking about it when we were having sex, asking her if she would like to have another man or maybe two men at the same time, playing with her and sliding their big thick ***** into her lovely *****. My fantasy always entailed that her lover would have a big thick **** and that he would be able to give her a good *******. I am average in the size dept. and i suppose in most aspects of lovemaking and i wanted to watch my sexy Sue getting the ******* of her life. In the heat of the moment, she would agree, that it would be really exciting to have other men, especially with big thick *****, "attend" to her, while i watched and video taped, however in the cold light of day she just laughed, saying it was a horny thought, but that she was too shy to go with anyone else and that she was quite content with what she had. Much as i tried to persuade her, just to try it once, i always got the same response.Then one of the men who worked at the refinery, moved house to only a couple of blocks away from us and often would give my wife a lift to and from work. Also he always seemed to going her way if she was going out to visit a friend or one of her sisters. I knew he was trying to get into her knickers as she would often tell me about his attempts to do just that and his stories that his own wife, who i had known for many years, was not very active in the bedroom. Anyway she always fended him off with a laugh or whatever and Willy her "admirer" was not pushy so it just appeared to be a bit of harmless flirting and to be honest, in his place i may well have been trying my luck, as well. Sue would normally go out once or twice a week, either with a friend or to visit one of her sisters and i noticed that she was going the opposite way from the path to the bus stop, which coincidently took her past Willy,s house. When i mentioned it, she said that Willy had offered to drive her to her friends or to her sisters. I reckoned that anyone willing to taxi her about, must be gettiing something in return but she denied that any" hanky panky" was going on. I had my doubts and also noticed that shortly after returning home, she would change her panties. I started wondering and found that the panties she was taking off were wet so i broached the subject, saying that if she was with another man, i was ok with it but i wanted to hear all the juicy details and i wanted to watch or possibly join in. She at first denied it but then admitted to letting Willy **** her. He had worn down her resistance with all the attention he was paying her and she felt sympathy for him as he had told her that his own wife was frigid and that he had been getting nothing at home for some time. They had been ******* in the back of his car when he was supposedly taking her to her friends or sisters. She said she regretted it and that it would stop immediately. I found that i had mixed emotions, for in spite of my fantasies, Sue had been getting ****** and it was not the way i had hoped it would happen, where i would have the thrill of watching or maybe even joining in. When i tried to get her to give me all the details of their affair, Sue would change the subject, saying that she had made a mistake and that she would like to put it behind her. She has never been convinced, that i really would like to watch her with other men. We are now in our fifties and Sue is still a sexy lady and though i have no reason to believe anything has happened since that first time i have never been able to convince her to let me bring my fantasy to life and to **** a well endowed guy while i watch.
I live in hope that one day, maybe it will happen.
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I can only guess, but that like us, you were together from a young age and probably had little or no sexual experience with any others, so you kind of learned from each other and again you had that same attitude in the early days that i had, that you hated the idea of her being with anyone else. Perhaps your wife, i suppose, like mine, finds it difficult to accept that you have changed your thoughts on the subject so drastically and that you now find that the idea of her ******* another man pleasurable as well as erotic. Then again, since time began, men have been able to get into a woman,s knickers but few if any have ever gotten into their heads. There is also that other element which your wife and no doubt many others are afraid of, what happens after, particularly if, like we men all want, that she has had the ******* of her life from a guy with a big ****. Can things go back to normal for her and will she be content with her husband, after having that experience. That,s a chance that most of us who want to see it happening would probably take, but how do the wives view it when perhaps one night of super sex can possibly have far reaching repercussions on their lives. As i said at the beginning, we can only guess until the fantasy becomes reality.

There are a lot of similarities to my situation too. Met as teenagers, the thought of her with someone else made me very jealous at first, but then i started being intrigued by the idea.

Mine never had a physical affair but did have an emotional one with a guy from work years ago. She still insists it never got physical beyond a couple of kisses. I tend to believe her based on the things she told me, the things friends close to the situation told me, and several other factors. I kind of wish she had let it get physical because it may have opened her up sexually. We've tried all kinds of sex over the years, but each thing we tried was merely a fantasy for her. It was tough to get her to finally try each kinky or unusual thing, but once she did, she loved it with the exception of anal.

I'm having the same issue trying to get her to let me share her. She gets very turned on by the idea in the heat of the moment and has even talked about it when we're not having sex, but she says it will never happen because she's too shy and too afraid of how it will affect us.

Your situation appears very similar to mine, i can only agree with your sentiments as what could be easier,than if she wants another man to **** her, than to be able to go ahead with your approval. I can only surmise that the "doing it with approval or perhaps with us watching" is the sticking point. Love to hear if you are ever successful with talking your wife into doing it.