Ooohhh ! Those Lovely Long Legs And That Short Skirt. !

Just a little follow up from my first story about me wanting to watch my wife with another man. Sue and i had been together since we were teenagers and now in our late 30s Sue had blossomed and i had changed my mindset from being extremely possessive to that of having fantasies about watching my lovely sexy wife with another man. Sue worked in a small local refinery and one of her regular duties, was to record the mileage of the tankers belonging to the company. This was the miniskirt era and obviously those women with nice legs were best suited to wearing them. When she asked the drivers for their mileage, most of them, instead of giving her the odometer reading would invite her to "pop into the cab" and get the reading herself. Of course this involved a climb up into the cab and the drivers would watch as her short skirt rode up as she stepped up and leaned over to get the mileage. Some of them, she would tell me, would offer to assist, by giving her a punt up and a few of them, as far as i could make out, managed to give her a quick grope. Sue had the kind of personality that treated this as a bit of fun and she laughed it off, saying that they were cheeky boys and she would tell me about them, saying that it never went beyond a sly feel. I suppose to be honest, that she enjoyed the attention and the flirting that went with it as most attractive women would. I used to wonder if any of the drivers, particularly the younger guys, ever got more than a quick feel, Sue says the didn,t but i often wonder and to be honest, its a really horny thought, thinking about her getting her ***** felt as she stepped up into the cab to get the mileage readings.
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Hi there, i am sure you would and maybe more than just a feel. As i wrote, some of those tanker drivers got an eyeful and some got a handful as they gave Sue a boost up into the cab, so that she could get their mileage and she having the kind of easy going nature she has, just laughed it off as a bit of, "the boys are just fooling around" fun. I often wondered if any of the "boys" got more than a sly feel, though Sue says they didnt.