A Poker Fantasy

The first Friday of every month, some buddies from school and I get together for a weekly poker game. It’s strictly
low-stakes stuff. Nobody brings more and nobody loses more than fifty bucks. Basically it’s an excuse to sit around,
play cards, get drunk and smoke cigars. This past April the game was scheduled to be at my house. Kimberly, my
wife, was planning on going out with some of her girlfriends while we sat around and gambled. All in all, it was
supposed to be a relaxing evening for everyone.

Well, it turned out that Tony and Scott had to cancel at the last minute. That left Winston, Tim, Mark and me. You
can play poker with four people, but it’s a lot more fun with more. Vickie cancelled on Kimberly, so the four of us
were sitting in our den trying to figure out what to do.

Kimberly said that she wanted to play cards with us. At first we were reluctant, saying that it was a boys thing. She
insisted, so I pulled out the card table. Mark turned on the TV and found the Red Wings game. Tim grabbed the food
and the beer and we set up for the first hand.

We went through a couple of games and proceeded to get tow things: drunk and loud. Tim told us about a
stewardess that he’d banged in Denver when he was there on a business conference and after that the conversation
turned decidedly crude. At first I was embarrassed to join in because my wife was sitting right there at the table with
us, but after she laughed at the story of Mark and the two women in San Francisco, I figured everything was all
right. We were all laughing and having a good time.

I dealt another round while Kimberly went to the kitchen to get more beer. When she came back, she made a great
show of leaning over to give each of us our beer. She was wearing a loose-fitted blouse that showed a lot of
cleavage; when she would lean over, you could see straight down to her stomach. Everybody got a good view. I
chalked it up as a little harmless flirting, a game of “you can look but you can’t touch.” After all, I wasn’t going to
believe that my wife was actually coming on to three of my friends from business school right in front of me.

We had played a couple more hands when Mark said he wanted another beer. Kimberly immediately volunteered to
get it for him and left for the kitchen. She was gone for a while before she returned, longer than was really needed to
grab a beer from the fridge. She finally came back and leaned over to present the beer to Mark. He looked up at her
chest and simply stared. Kimberly sat down, looked at me, and asked whose turn it was to deal. I stared at her for a
second and realized that she’d taken off her bra and had totally flashed Mark as she gave him the beer.

Kimberly smirked at me and then turned to Mark. “C’mon baby,” she said. “Stop thinking about what you saw. Tell
you what, give me your stack of blue chips, and I’ll let you touch.”

Mark turned his head to look quizzically at me. I nodded at him and he pushed the stack of chips over to Kimberly’s
pile. He smiled as he put his hands all over my wife’s chest. They started kissing as the rest of us watched. Mark
pulled Kimberly’s blouse up over her head and massaged her breasts as she dropped her hands to the bulge in his
pants. She caressed it gently, squeezing the tip of his **** through his jeans.

I’d rarely seen Kimberly in such a state before. We’d been married for ten years and during that time, we’d had a
couple ********** with another man, but nothing like this. I knew her motor was running and there wasn’t going to
be anything stopping her.

Kimberly clumsily undid Mark’s belt and tugged at his jeans. He pulled them off as Kimberly sank to her knees
beside him. She took his **** into her mouth and her head bobbed up and down on Mark’s hard rod. My own ****
was rock had and I sure the sight of my beautiful wife going down on Mark had the same effect on Tim and
Winston. Both Winston and Tim looked at me and I shrugged as they turned back to watch Kimberly.

At that point Kimberly stood up and took off her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She straddled Mark’s
body, facing him, and, holding his **** at the opening of her ****, slowly lowered herself onto him.

I made no move from my seat; I didn’t even put down my cards. Kimberly started to bounce up and down on Mark’s
tool. She was moaning and he was grunting with every thrust into her tight little *****. Tim and Winston gasped as
Mark’s **** disappeared into and then reappeared from my wife. Mark put his hands on her waist and helped her
bounce up and down. He pushed her down roughly onto his ***** as the ****** only to pull her back off. He was
kissing her **** and biting her nipples while she moaned with pleasure at every thrust of his manhood into her.

Just as I thought mark was going to shoot his load into my wife’s ****, she stood up and got off of him. She turned
to face the three of us sitting there. She smiled as she bent over the table, offering her *** to Mark. Mark stood up
and immediately plunged his hard **** into her sopping wet ****. He started really pounding into her and she was
moaning loudly. Every time Mark hit bottom with his thrust, Kimberly would cry out with pleasure.

As he sawed into her, Mark licked one of his thumbs. He pressed it at the entrance to Kimberly’s tiny little ***. As
soon as she felt the pressure of his thumb against her back door, Kimberly cried out for Mark to shove his thumb up
her ***. He did and she immediately began coming. It was the most intense ****** that I have ever witnessed her
have. With a final thrust, Mark pushed his tool hard into my wife and I knew he was shooting his load deep into her.

Mark pulled out and sat back down on his chair, exhausted. Kimberly looked up at the rest of us. Both Tim and
Winston were massaging their ***** through their pants. Kimberly smiled at them and said that they could join in
for the cost of their chips.

They immediately stood up and dropped their pants to the floor. Winston took Mark’s place behind Kimberly while
Tim held his **** in front of my wife’s lovely face. Winston slid his ***** into Kimberly’s freshly-****** **** as
she began to blow Tim. It wasn’t long before Tim’s hips began bucking and he was ******* her face furiously. He
started to come and Kimberly pulled his **** out of her mouth, causing him to shoot his cream all over her face. She
smiled at him and then proceeded to wipe the come off her cheeks and lick her fingers clean.

Meanwhile, Winston was really ******* her ***** hard. He held her by the hips and, on every in-stroke, pulled her
body to meet his ****. He grunted with every thrust, pounding into her like a jackhammer. Finally he came and his
load of come joined Mark’s deem within her.

After Winston pulled out, Kimberly stood up. Her knees were weak, and the beer combined with her intense
******* made her very lightheaded. She gathered the chips and the money and thanked everyone for a good game.
She stumbled back to the bedroom. I then got up from the table, helped everyone collect their clothes and ushered
them out. I cleaned up a little, enough to make the den presentable, and then joined my beautiful wife in bed.

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7 Responses Aug 8, 2007

wow ,lucky man,want my wife to do the same now,its been years since an experiance

Call me for the next game :)

that gives me an Idea, gotta try it

oh yeah i almost forgot to compliment you on what a sexy sweetheart you have for a wife.i envy you your lucky

cool thats what i would do to

Man, your wife sounds hot. If you've read my stories, you know I have shared my wife on a number of occasions. I would love to be the other man. PS I play poker

Liquor (lick er) in the front; Poker in the rear kind of stories! ;P