My Wife Made It With Two Guys On the Ohio River.

We were going through a really rough time in our lives. I had just lost my job, and all trhe bills were past due.

I was at a car dealership in another town where an aquaintance of mine was service manager. In the course of conversation, he mentioned that he had just bought a big boat. He said that he and his friend Mike had been talking about taking a willing woman on board for a chrstening trip up river. They had talked about taking turns ******* her on the deck while going upriver.

I asked him where he thought he might find a woman willing to be the meat in their sex sandwhich. He said he didn't know, but they would even be willing to pay her two hundred dollars, and buy her dinner.

As I drove home, my mind was working overtime. My wife and I had taken part in ********** on a couple of occasions, but were basically faithful to each other. The fact that both these guys were young Italian studs with money to blow, coupled with my financial situation brought some interesting ideas to mind.

When I got home, I told my wife, who was 22 tears old, with a 34-24-36 body was really turned on by the idea of the boat trip. She had seen both these guys before, from a distance. They however had never met her.

The more we talked about it, the hotter she got. Finally she said " we've had sex withother people before, and we could really use the money. Plus it would really be a kick.

I thought of ways to set this up with mike and his friend. I came up with a story about a young married woman who lived on my block. I told them her husband had gotten into trouble, and been sent to jail for six months. I explained that he had left her with little money, and alone. I then showed them a picture of my wife. a really sexy picture. These guys went apeshit. The aked me to set up a date. They would pay her as we had discussed, buy her dinner, and **** her for several hours while we traveled up river for dinner and back. I set it up.

We went to the boat, my wife wearing short shorts over a bikini. When we reached the boat, The guys were introduced, and the both took turns kissing my wife. A lot of tongue, and a lot of feeling up went with the kissing.

Mike asked me if I would mind driving the boat, so they could both enjoy their guest. As i moved away from the dock, the made themselves comfortable on the deck right below me. Man, talk about a birds eye view.

It didn't take long for them to get her naked. She was laying on her back with Mikes **** in her mouth, and Dave"s **** in her *****. Dave pumped a huge load in her, and they switched positions. Soon she had been ****** twice, Had sucked both *****, ans was on her way to number three. This went on all the way to the resyraunt. As I was approaching the dock, the dressed, and we went to dinner.

The return trip was more of the same,only this time they sandwhiched her. with one in her ***. It was really tough to drive.

When we reached the dock, they dressed, paid her the $200.00 and kissed her goodbye. IT WAS A REALLY EXCITING BOAT RIDE.

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WOW! That is great that you got to watch every thing take place. I am just curious to know if she let you have the *** before? Did you ever take her boating again? What did she feel about what happened some time later? Any regrets?

Me and my husband have had several **********, and I love it when he is watching me get ****** real hard by someone new and he loves it too! He usually sets it up with one of his friends. I would love for him to set me up with 2 men. We have talked about it, but it hasn't happened yet! This is the husband and yes I do enjoy seeing my wife pleaseing other men and being pleased by them. This is a great story. Sounds like you both had a great time!!!

lovethe sroty. I can imagine..

love this story, hot

I have watched my wife get eaten by another man, but he couldn't finish up by f'king her. I would've loved to have watched that. I am not submissive, just get turned on by her having a new sexual experience.

Grow a set and lay down YOUR rules.

hi everyone!!! i just join i am married to a loving wife and yes we have parties alot she sleeps with another guy, well kinda my friend is kinda shy i guess, my wife and my friend will play around on couch, like kissing and touching, while i watch and then they will go to the bedroom, and get it on, and i can hear them so so turn on, then when they are done me and wife have sex, i love it alot of fun but i am trying to get my friend to have sex with her infront of me, but anyways now my wife is wanting to have sex with my friend and this other guy, but those guys dont want me watching ; ( what should i do about that?

A lot of men think they want to see their wives sucking and f*ucking another man. Can they handle the fact that they might see her in total LUST while doing it? I was able to do that especially after she told me that it was so naughty and that hot raw sex without love was way different for her.

really want this kind of thing to happen; it really turns us both on!

My wife is hot at the idea of her being 'compensated' for sex with businessmen who travel here...

This is a good story. Wow!

I would love to see my wife have sex with another man.

nice story

I think this a hot story and would like to here the whole story.Ihave watched my wife having sex with other men and loved it and going to get her some new men to play with.

it is great story,i always fantasize like this things happen to me and my husband,my husband pushes me to do so,but i am confused,

WOW! This story just made me very horny. Thank you so much. The only problem is that I am at work and can't do anything about it. I have fantasies about things like this all the time.

Great story!