Me Too!

I LOVE the thought of sharing my wife with  another man,I want to watch and join.
She knows of my fantasy and said she will try it if she can pick the guy!
Im so excited,we have such great sex just discussing the thought.
Maybe someday!
She says I can watch,then she wants to try two men at the same time!
I such a lucky guy,married 15 GREAT years!
taylort5 taylort5
3 Responses Aug 14, 2007

I feel exactly the same way. My wife and I fantasize about her having lustful sex with another man and it gets us both off wildly and passionately. She has been with a friend of hers a few times, but has not experienced his big **** inside of her yet. Knowing those intimate details and how she loved a different **** in her mouth, another man making her wet....well, we have ****** like never before. We both love it. One day soon, she will get that new **** inside of her and I can't wait to hear about it.

a very, very lucky man. what convenence her agree to share? you must be a good salesman.

You are a very very lucky man!