My Wife Loves Sex With Younger Men...

Over a year ago, I found ou that my wife of 21 years, was having sex with my son-in-law... she's 47 and is still attractive, got come-ons from young men all the time...

While my daughter and her husband were living with us for a few months... My son-in-law was speeding a lot of time with my wife while, my daughter and myself were at work...

They would even go out and drink... then one day it got to the point where he was helping her cook dinner, and he started rubbing her *** and kissing her neck, she welcomed his LUST for her... as he started rubbing her breasts, she turned and they starting to kissing, her dress fell away, and he starting sucking her ****... this got her really hot!!! she then pulled him into the bathroom and into the shower where she washed him, while washing him, she took his **** in to mouth, it didn't take him long before he *** into her... she kept holding his ****, as it stayed hard, and took him to the bed room...

(NOTE) A few years earlier I had installed video survalance in my condo to keep an eye on my kids ( in the kitchen, BDRM, etc), while I was working at my computer...

( I have video of my wife having sex...)

After my wife was on the bed, she guided his mouth to her *****, she was teaching him how to eat her... he must have hit the right spot, it did not take her very long before she was ******* all over his face... her body was boucing all over the bed as she ****...

She started ******* his ****, again getting his hard again, then holding him as he entered her *****, he was a non-stop machine... he just kept ******* her even after he ***, after she climaxed a few times, they both fell apart... it wasn't long before my wife, was ******* his **** again... Then she was up on the bed (doggie-style) as my son-in-law mounted her, the kept this up for over an hour...

I do not have an issue of my wife doing anyone she wants... I'm 10 years older, and it's all about her anyway...

More stories to come... my wife has had sex with a few of my son-in-laws family members... all under 23...


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Im a 50 years old married woman and im in a sex relation with my daughter's ex boyfriend Tommy. He is 20

Very interesting story and comments, I notice Ann always hitting it off with my daughter's boy friends when she was dating (my daughter got married last year). There does seem to be something special that happens between older women and younger men, very interesting and arousing for me when I see Ann interacting so successfully with younger men.

I am 19 male. Could I get your wife's number? I am from California. Just to talk with her? hahaha

Sounds great. Your daughter must have been pissed off when she found out! I am next in line!

Yes...but these men that love their women to have sex with other men...when the wife is pregnant, they better not question whos baby it is and raise it as their own...or you can kiss that marrage good bye! lol. I thought men protected their wifes and honour, but some of these men are like please my wife! lol must be impotent men!

Cool....your daughter came out of her and now he gets to **** your daughter and your wife! I'm sorry...but do you have any moral intelligence to tell your daughter...what kind of father doesn't protect his little girl? I think its great that you don't mind your wife having sex with a whole of of younger men! but your son-in-law! sick.

great story she sounds GREAT.....I saw my wife getting fingered by her much older uncle and I have seen her dancing with a boy in his early 20's and could see he was pushing his cc o cc k into her and she was rubbing her **** into him. I had lots to drink and when we left to go home I asked if anyone wanted to share our cab. The young man said he did, so I sat on end of seat, wife in middle and him on end. As soon as we got moving I acted like the drink had made me go into a deep sleep. I could see they were touchinh and wife spoke to me a few times I think just to make sure I was in deep sleep, I never responded to her. He put his hand up her skirt and I could see him fingering her ...she had her hand inside his zip and was ww an king him off.

Thats a very dutiful son-in-law.<br />
<br />
Why couldnt your wife bring this up with you?<br />
Relationship with daughter could suffer. Whatever shakes your chain

My wife has f*ucked five different men under 21 since turning 40. These are not men that we find on the Internet, but guys that hit on her when we are out at a club. The first one to hit on her was the male ******** I hired to perform at her 40th birthday party. He hit on her when she walked him to the door after he had ********. She handed him her business card from her purse near the door. Two weeks later they spent the afternoon f*ucking and sucking each other for about two hours. She still looks ten years younger than her 43 years and I think it boosts her ego to have a guy half her age want to have sex with her.

Some years ago our daughter dropped her boy friend for reasons she never really disclosed. My wife and I had developed a fondness for this young man and had hoped that they would end up married. After the break-up he continued to stop by and visit us and we wanted him to feel welcome in our home. Our daughter had moved to another city so she was not around much. One afternoon I came home to discover him and my wife swimming in the pool naked. My wife told me privately that he had asked her if they could take off their bathing suits and she consented. I ******** down and joined them in the pool. After a while we adjourned to the hot tub for a soak. I noticed that he was nearly erect. Out of the blue, he confessed that all the time he was dating our daughter, he had secretly wanted to **** my wife. He had seen her frequently in her night gown at the house, and even a couple of times in her underwear, and he admitted that he had spied on her when she was naked in the hot tub and pool. He was obviously was very hot for her. He was trembling when he finished his story and he asked me if he could **** her. I told him that he would have to ask her which he did. She never answered him, but went to him and put her arms around him. She told him that if they did it, it was not going to be a one time deal just so he could brag that he ****** her; that she expected him to be a lover and that he could not screw other women while he was doing her. She also told him that she was going to teach him to be an expert lover and that he had to take orders from her without question. <br />
<br />
Over the next year and a half, she taught him how to be a man and a lover. He was at th house most all of his free time. She taught him the full cirriculum I watched frequently when I was around but traveled out of town a lot so was not always present. When I was there, we often shared her in just about every place you could imagine. She was well ****** and well eaten during that year and a half. <br />
<br />
One night she turned him lose on a bi friend of hers. He didn't know it but that was his final exam. A couple of nights later she restricted me to watching and she did him all night long until he crashed. When he came to, she told him he had graduated and that he needed to go out and find a woman his age and that sex with her was restricted to once a month from then on. For several years he showed up once a month for his session with her.<br />
<br />
He met a woman a couple of months later and married her a year after that. A couple of years later, his wife took my wife aside one day and thanked her for teaching him the art of love-making. She said he was the best!

That is right its just sex and I would'nt mind if my wife did that as long as I got to see the tape.

Wow. but u r right its all about her, after is important to everyone. even women. so no comments on that.

wow, does this still go on?