Wife Being Voyered

This happened twice. Both in a cab in NY and Atlanta. Going to nice resturants for dinner, asked her to wear no underwear. She happily agreed. In NY, on way back to from resturant from Little Italy,after much wine, we crawl in the cab and start making out. She has not panties on and I open her legs wide open. The cab driver has a full view of her ***** and she has no problem with this She likes it. . We go for several blocks and the cab driver has every opportunity to look at her hot *****, which he does. It is very hotter experience happened in Atlanta where she had a climax during the cab ride and the driver saw her. Discussions since for her to let me see her with another man who is more endowed that I have been frutile and only caused problems in our marriage. (she needs hormones but will not take them because of heriditary cancer). It must be the change she is going through because before, she was all over these erotitic ventures which we both enjoyed very much. Wish we could fix it. She is such a hot woman and men really go for her.
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My wife is 6 years younger than me and I am over weight and she has lost interest in being attracted to me sexually because of my weight. I make a lot of money and we have a good lifestyle but she tells me if I do not lose the weight and make myself more attractive to her that she is not turned on to me for sex. I am working all the time providing for our lifestyle and am not motivated to get in shape. She is very is shape and she is very hot woman. To compromise, I would like to see her with another man who is in better shape than I that has larger package than me to better turn her on and satisfy her and let me watch this happen.

I loved it when my wife would go on a date with me in a dress without panties. I remember one time she got up from the chair she was sitting in and it was wet... Never as fortunate as you were though...wow! thanks for sharing!

It seems the older we get the less interest she has in being so daring. She has gone through the change and things do change.

hate when that happens...

I also wish to expose and share my wife...good luck in your future adventures

good fun teasing