Our First Experience In Mfm

My wife and I have been married a little over seven years. She's bi/bi-curious in her early 30's and I'm straight and almost 40.

About 5 years ago we began looking for a girl for us to both enjoy in a *********. She had some kissing and petting with girls in the past and has always been curious to go further. We unfortunately had no luck finding anyone to meet our desires. So, we moved to looking for a couple to swap with. We soon discovered it is very difficult to find another couple where each person is happy with everything. So, we moved to looking for a guy who could **** her and he and I could take turns with her.

We found our first guy thru an online site and met at a restaurant. She liked what she saw so we had him follow us to a nearby hotel for some fun.
I went inside to get a room and left her out in the car. The hotel's computer system was down and I had to stand there for at least 15 minutes which felt like eternity just to find this out. So, I decided to go back outside and go elsewhere for a room. Once outside, I discovered the new friend in the driver's seat of our car. He got out and we told him to ride with us. He parked his car and got in the front seat and my wife sat in his lap. Now this is a small call so space was cramped, but there was no complaints from anyone. We drove to another hotel that was located fifteen minites or so away. Now my wife was wearing a short dress for the occasion. With this in mind, as I was driving our new friend began fingering my wife and she began groping his **** from outside his pants. I could hardly contain myself from ******* almost instantly. We arrived at another hotel and she told me later they kissed and made out while I was inside. This hotel was booked. We drove on to another hotel and apparently an event in the city was going on and everyone was booked. So, we went back to the first. The computer problems had been resolved and we got a room. We entered and after a moment of small talk I went to use the restroom. When I got out I just missed them kissing. My wife began kissing me and pulled my **** out and started sucking. After a minute or so she turned to him and pulled his **** out and eagerly began sucking him. His **** was at least 8" and thick. He undressed her and she got on the bed on her hands and knees. She continued sucking him as I ****** her from behind. I couldn't last long as the whole chain of events had been so mindblowing. Once I cummed, she turned around and he started pounding her from behind. He ****** her hard and would go fast at times and then slow down. With her **** shaking and the sound of skin slapping I thought this could never get any better. She didn't ******, but he finished and got cleaned up and laid on the bed close to her as to snuggle. As I sit on the other bed, I think wtf is going on here. He had told us before that in one of his previous experiences, he had been a wife's boyfriend and the husband had his own girlfriend. I guess this is what he was expecting now. But, I wasn't down with this at this point in our experiences.

So, we all got clothed and departed. On the way home we talked about the excitement. I told her I wasn't comfortable with him snuggling and she wasn't either. We got home and ****** like animals! We had said that night we didn't think this was for us, but we eventually went even deeper into the rabbit hole...
Atcetmem Atcetmem
36-40, M
Sep 24, 2012