My Wife Won't Let Me Watch

For several years my much younger, very attractive & sexy wife has been having sex with other men. This came about as a result of my not being to fully satisfy her sexually, mainly because I have a very small penis & cannot penetrate her the way she would like.

After long discussions on the subject, & because of her sexual frustrations with me, I finally suggested she seek sex elsewhere, & that we keep it strictly confidential, & she needed to be very discreet.

She agreed, but made it VERY clear to me that I was NOT to take this as an excuse to have sex with other women, nor was I to seek out prostitutes.

That was about 5 years ago, when my wife was just 30 years old. I have lost count of how many men she has had since, but I don't care, -- she is happy & gets laid 2 or 3 times each week, -- & if she's happy, I'm happy.

Once in a while she lets me **** her too, -- usually after another man has had her & his *** is still inside her. -- I think she likes to let me know she has just been ****** by someone else, & I must admit, I like the feel of another man's ***** inside her when I **** her. -- The smell of recent sex on her ***** is very exciting, & I have from time to time, found myself going down on her & licking the *****, -- mixed with her own ***, -- from her ****** I have grown to love the taste & the scent, & I get VERY excited each time she goes out on a date, or when she brings a man home with her, (which she does from time to time. -- on those occasions I am banished to the guest room, but I always leave the door open so I can hear the sounds of her moans as he ***** her).

When she gets home, or when her latest lover has left the house, I ask her for the full details of their sex, & she is happy to regale me, leaving no details out of her story. -- This always gets me very turned on, & then I beg her for sex, -- sometimes she says "yes" & sometimes she refuses me.

My greatest wish would be to actually WATCH her with another man, but she has very strict rules about this. -- She knows I listen, but she says she doesn't want me to watch her, & that she prefers the images I conjure up in my head of her laying across our bed, her legs spread wide, & another man's big **** filling her ***** or her *** or her mouth, (she likes being ****** in all 3 holes).
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Dec 6, 2012