Want To Watch My Wife Do Another Guy

Not a story, but a fantasy, I rent a room at a hotel, I give a key to a guy I want to **** my wife, the plan is for him to go to the room and hide in the closet. We go out for dinner and drinks, a little dancing, then I tell my wife I have a room at a hotel, we go to the hotel and go to the room, my wife is horny from the drinks and dancing, we get to the room and we are all over each other, she lay down on the bed and I go to work fingering and licking her *****, then I tell her I want to blinfold her and tie her to the bedposts, so I tie her hands, then I have her raise her legs as if she were going to put them over my shoulders while I **** her, then as I'm taking off my clothes I have the guy come out, he's already naked, he climbs on the bed and he fingers and licks and sucks her ***** bringing her to 2 ******* and almost a third, he rubs his **** up and down her juicy *****, he starts to enter her *****, even though she is wet, there is some resistance, and she thinks to herself, my husband feels bigger for some reason, but all she wants to do is *** again, so she takes it, knowing something isn't right, but it feels too good to stop, he ducks her for a good half hour, before he **** I take off her blindfold, she is surprised but doesnt't want to stop, finally, he pumps a huge load in her *****. Like I said just a fantasy of mine, I hope to make it *** true one day.
machinist73 machinist73
36-40, M
Dec 13, 2012