My Wifes Roughtine Examination At The Doctor 21 May 2011. 1oo%

my wife had a routine's breast examination appointment at the doctors office her letter said its routine' as she is 35 now.she is a petite size 10 with a 34c bust.i was a bit apprehensive about the exam as i have a very jealous streak running through me when it comes to other men touching my wife's body or so i thought and the doctor is a male of about 50 or so.we where called in to his office and sat ,he asked her the usual health questions,then sead please go into the exam room and remove yr dress as she did so i though u kinky ***** she stood there naked except for a totally transparent fine mesh thong,we i,e,the doctor and my self could see clearly the neatly shaved tuft of pubic hair just above her vaginal crack and i think she was slightly turned on by the whole experience as i could just make out the head of her clitoris jutting out between her labia the doctor gave her the once over with the stethoscope,he arranged her arm above her head and stood to the left i had a clear view of the whole proceedings as i was sat looking at the front of her starting on her left breast kneading it,squeezing it,squashing and cupping it as if he were weighing it, then sead to her do u mind if i do nipple reflex tests and she nodded agreement he then started by massaging her breast then tweaking her nipple rolling it between his finger and thumb then stretching it to its fullest and rolling it again between his thumb and finger then pressing down on her breast with her nipple squeezed between his mid to fingers and moving his hand round in circular motions to the left then the right when he finished he then started on the right i thought i would be upset but to the contrary i was quite aroused when it was all over he told her to get dressed and sead i can see the rest of u is working OK??then i noticed her clitoris was fully erect i asked the doctor i thought this examination was a full one with a pelvic exam as well [hoping]he declined and sead u will have to see the nurse to reschedule for the full exam.[how do i get the doctor to give her a pelvic exam i would love to see his fingers slide up inside my wife's vagina]
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I have never witnessed my wife being examined.
But i do know, she consented ,after a doctor gave her a breast examination in hospital, she consented to a group
of medical students and a group of doctors examining her later that week.
She said she agreed ,as she fancied the young Australian doctor and she was bored with being in hospital for a week.

iv been there i smashed all my coxycs up [the tail bones in us humans]and a treble abses came up just above my anus i had to lay there on my side naked while 15 female doctor trainees filled into my room and took turns to examing me i know its not the same as a woman getting examined but when youv been in hospital for a while and bordem sets in youl let them do anything just to break the bordem

I know how exciting it is. My wife asked me to talk to doctor (ultrasound) to examine her thoroughly though we wanted her pelvic region to be sonographed. I talked to that male doctor and told hime to oblise us. After few patients when her turn came she went inside and that doctor locked the room from inside. He took about 40 mnts to examine. Most of the people waiting outside. I told them my wife is bit shy and I asked the doctor to lock the room.....when she came out, I could imagine how exciting it might have been there.....

fxxk explaing to them why doors are locked.why the fxxk didnt
you go in with her

reschedule with him over the fence for a sooner rather than later date im sure he will oblige
and hint to him how excited she is after returning home,the more intamate he exam the more
she,s worked up.oh and you,d like to be there for the next exam it is your right to be there.
[then you could see it happening be4 your eyes m8] let me know after her next visit
.dave storm

im not into black guys at all but if my doctor wants to finger **** her thats ok with me he,s an indian very nice gent about 60 ish, [ SO IF THERE ARE ANY NICE INDIAN DOCTORS IN NRTH/EAST LINCS UK ] that would like to finger a nice petite white woman leave me a message

the biggest laugh was that she used to be on his panel at his clinic and could not wait to transfer to my doctor when i met her,later after transfering she confided in me that her old doc used to make her cringe when she was pregnant and had to see him she says he seemed to put to much emphasis on her internal examinations we know why now,pity she never told me then because i found out that he had requested her to see him regarding a full yearly exam becouse he had not examind her for three years that why she wanted to switch to my docs.and he never asks to see her for internal exams the ****,lol

yes you are right if id have known id have taken her there,but you never know until you see it in the local paper then its to late,plus he was indian that puts a whole new twist on it

yes our doctor is from india,about three years a go another indian doc in our town was inprisond for taking his vaginal/clitoral examination to the limit on five wimon

i wish id taken some more pics of her getting examined for you uncut

se her in my pics [more of her]

a hard **** and perfect 34 C she sounds sexy wish I were her Dr.

you should demand to go in with her its your right

i love the thought of this too,my g/f becomes very aroused quickly with her ***** dripping at the slightest touch and her **** becomes very hard and sticks out of its hood.<br />
i haf to wait in the waiting room while she had her exam but i was hard the whole time pictureing her in the stirrups and her doctors fingers going in her, he def would not need lube to enter her...i got so turnedon thinking about it i had to use their washroom to **********

would love that too! My wife's 33 so :-)