Topless At Waterpark

when we were in our early 20's i took my girlfriend (now wife) to a waterpark for the day.  She was wearing a sexy little pink bikini with a tank top over it.  we went on some rides and she would flash me on the way down, occasionally some other people would get a look.  after awhile i dared her to drop the bikini top and just put on her tank top...she agreed and walked around with her **** sticking out.  she got plenty of looks, but this wasnt quite good enough so i made her go in the pool with me, getting the top wet.  when she got out her **** were pretty much sticking right out of her shirt.  she laid down on the lawn chairs and i went to get her something to drink.  when i got back there were some younger guys our age talking to her, by their buldges they liked what they saw.  she introduced me to them and said she was getting cold so she was going to change in the ladies room.  the guys said it was nice to meet us and were on their way.  but when my wife was got up she asked one if he would come help her.  they snuck into the ladies room and she said she gave him quite a show, rubbing her naked *** on his **** through his trunks.  she said he grabbed her **** but she didnt let it go any further...he couldnt even come back out with her because she said his **** was so hard.  we got in the car to head home and she pulled my **** out immediately and swallowed my huge load.
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4 Responses Jun 2, 2010

a great finish to a great day.


sounds like a lot of fun.

damn guy.. let me know of your next trip to the waterpark.. hell.. anywhere at all! LOL