After Removal Of Panties Bra Has To Follow

My wife and I went to theater to see a show. Her girl friend Laura went with us. She is great fun, always laughing and very friendly. Since she divorced her husband she has been very wild and kinky. I often tell her to keep her distance from Tatiana (my wife) because she will "spoil" her.

My wife often replies that they are both

At any rate my wife was wearing a black see through dress and had a light color g-string underneath. She asked my prior to leaving if the panties are visible or not. I replied that it's not (I lied), I was just feeling kinky and wanted for men to see her big plump asss.

we had to pick Laura so when we arrived at her house she was already outside, it was convient because I did not want her to see Tatiana string and say something about it to spoil the plan.

By the time we reached the theater it was full of people and i was glad because I knew that they will be drooling over her bubble buttt. So as we were walking Laura pointed this fact right away. I felt like I wanted to do something because she is just spoiling my whole kinky plan. My wife ask me to walk behind her so men would stop looking.

It was at this point Laura suggested to her to go to the ladies room to remove the g-string, I said she might be right. So off the went, after a few minutes they returned and lo and behold she has no panties on. She put them in my coat and said now you can enjoy them from there, I put my hand in my coat pocket and could still feel the warmness of her pusssy. All the while Laura is laughing and teasing me.

So my plan was spoiled ...but in a brilliant move I got this idea to make the ladies doubt if the panty removal was as per fashion protocol. i pointed out that now everybody will kow that she has no panties on because they can see a difference since she has a bra on.

Tatiana and laura looked at each other and they agree, so off they went again by the time they return my wife was not wearing any panties nor bra.

my wife walked ahead and ask us if we wanted any thing to drink so as she was walking away Laura said that actually the tight fit dress is so revealing that you could see her naked body, and that I must be either feeling very jealous or very kinky since all eyes are on her.

I could not enjoy the show, I was deeply immersed in what had transpire and thinking how i'm gonna fuckk her when we return home.

All the while with my hand in my pocket holding her g-string.

So laura made my day...what are friends for ??!!

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You suck! Do you not know that ***** is the most powerful thing in the ******* universe and then some huh ******! ***** is so delicious-as long as she is not a ****/*****

Great story. It is important for women to be fashionable these days and showing panty and bra lines looks so tacky. Removing them was a stroke of genius (or a stroke something else later ) style wise.

I think they were both turned on by the experience and would repeat is you ask them. Give it a shot! Nothing to lose.

syt247<br />
I never thought of that, I guess I was so immersed in the fact that the guys where drooling over phat asss that I was enjoying it. Plus Laura was pesting me the whole night, she knows that I like the ida of men watching my wife's body. She would point out to me say like: "see that tall guy how he starring at your wife's asss " was very kinky feeling ...alot of of "butterflies' in my stomach.

Has she done this anymore, was she more turned on when you got home.

I wonder what would have happened if you had suggested Laura remove her bra and panties too so your wife wouldn't feel like she was the only one without them? You could have even offered to go commando as an enticement for her to do so.

Great story!