Psychiatric Meeting

John the Psychiatrist went into a meeting with one of his female patients on the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit. Sitting down he introduced June the pretty young medical student to Anne the beautiful sexy young patient. John started the meeting by finding out how Anne was settling in on the ward. As the meeting progressed John asked Anne if she wanted to discuss reports the staff had made about out her sexualised behaviour towards young female nurses, doctors and patients. Anne just stared quietly at John and then started to blush her mouth went dry and her face and chest flushed red and her breathing confirmed she was becoming sexually arroused. John asked "what is happening? Why are you feeling like you are?" Anne became more sexually excited and turned her attention towards June and looked at her face, breasts, thighs and feet. Then Anne said in a panting, gasping and breathless voice " I don't understand I keep dreaming about ******* young girls. Thinking about naked girls makes me so excited and my ***** get so wet and horny. When I see girls I want to kiss them, make out with them, **** and rape them!"

"What about June does she excite you? Come on now Anne I can see the way your looking at her and how it is making you feel" said John. "She is hot I want to rape her, I need to **** her and **** over her" gasped Anne with an excited sexy voice. "Go Anne look at her she is sexy and hot. Play with your **** and finger yourself as you look at beasts and up her skirts at her panty covered *****. *** as you tell me what you want to do to June."

"I want to kiss her all over. Play with her breasts, finger **** her, **** and rape her!" Panthed Anne bringing herself to one ****** after anotheTheAs she rubbed her **** Anne whispered desdesperately "Dr. John I've been getting so that excited by thoughts of killing a girl like June. I need to kill her, strangle and rape her." "Go on then kill her! **** her!" Panted John. June's protests fell on deaf ears as Anne stood up walked over to June. Ane thrust her right leg between Junes so their ******* touched then as John held June still Anne wrapped her fingers round June's neck and grinded her ***** into June's ******* her as she slowly strangled June. Grinding her ***** fast and hard onto June's Anne killed June ******* again and again as June died.

After June died they blamed another patient and agreed to marry secretly.
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Jan 6, 2013