June Learns A Deadly Game

Young June felt like no one cared about her or understood her and could never have guessed where her love of knives would have taken her. It started by chance as she travelled home by train and on leaving the train she went into the ladies rest room. As she did she saw a hot sexy woman enter a cubicle. Just watching woman walk into the cubicle made her sexually turned on. Making sure the restroom had no one else in she followed the woman into the cubicle. June felt giddy and light headed with excitement as the woman turned and with shocked terrified look on her face stared open mouthed at June standing in front of her pointing huge sharp knife at her.

The look of fear on the woman's face made June's ***** tingle with pleasure, her mouth dry making her so turned on she found it hard to control her breathing. All June could was pant and gasp "oh I want to touch your breasts and *****!" The begged to left alone making June lose control and gasp " oh! I feel so good I want to cut you so much and feel your blood all over me! I want to kill you and watch you die." Watching her victim beg for mercy made June ****** and thrust hard with her knife stabbing the woman over and over.
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Jan 11, 2013