Love My Bras

I have been wearing a bra since I was 9 yrs old. I love everything about bras and only wished that men could wear them in public without being judged. I would love to wear one 24/7/365 if I could. My wife doesn't like my crossdressing ways so I must wear them whenever I am alone. I do my bra wearing privately and always jack off when I have one on. I even eat my own ***.
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Im wearing a bra now and I will be 24/7.I do have the breasts of a female,size 42B.It was so nice to be on female hormones and watch my breasts grow and hurt.I am trying any way to make my breasts bigger with out getting transplants.My girls are so happy now that they have cups to lay in.

I love wearing bras too.

My ex was disgusted when I told her about my crossdressing and she never wanted to see it either, four months ago I accepted that I am actually transgender and began feminizing myself, I live as a woman full time now and have never been happier, I have even found a man who also has a feminine side and we have fallen in love

I to wear a bra every day. My breasts are very large and I do need the support. After all this time very few people say anything! just a few looks and many smiles. The women seem to strike up small talk with me all the time, and they are constanly looking at my breasts. Many have asked to see or feel them! I have never said NO!

I have taken to wearing a bra all day! Under my femme clothes and under what is my normal gear when not in full femme mode, a kaftan. They show beautifully!

Hi BarbieB!! I just wanted to say hi and I love this short story! I could have wrote that word for word! Even the last sentence! Someday we need to get together! Enjoy myour lingerie! I DO!!

I like to wear my bras at home when nothing is going on, I have stayed up playing viedo games in nothing more than my bra and panties before. It was fun.

I love to wear my bra around the house and often when out shopping. I wear a jacket over my shirt so the strap lines don't show and my **** pushing out are not that obvious to others. Great feeling standing next to a women in store and wondering if my bra is prettier than hers! and then wondering if the guy next to me would suck my hard nipples!

I am thinking of trying a BRA, up to now I have always been a SILK KNICKER and CAMISOLE person.<br />
Sometimes SILK STOCKINGS hold ups, I like them, the feel against the legs.<br />
Silk Nighties in bed.<br />
Baby Dolls are a good turn on.<br />
BUT BRA's, I not convinced as I do not any Breasts.

I agree, I wear one whenever I can and have several different types and styles. makes me feel so girly

You are absolutely right. Why can't a man wear a bra if he choses to do so. I wish society would leave us bra wearing men alone to do what we love.

I started with my mother's bra when I was 12. The urge left as I matured but years after marrying, the compulsion came back intermittently. Now, and my wife is OK with it (even buying for or with me), I wear a bra all the time. The only time I don't wear a bra is when I'm at work or likely to be 'exposed' - in a small town that isn't an option. Why can't a man wear a bra? God knows. What's it got to do with anyone else? I don't ask other men what underwear they wear so why should anyone worry about mine?

Been wearing a soft sup bra (and panties and tights) all day and in fact for about a month I have been wearing female undewear. My wife bless her hasnt even noticed! She knows I dress but is not keen, so I try and make sure she does not see. Even been down the pub tonight!

I've finally surcummed to bda's and wish could wear them 24/7 but make do with evenings and most of week-ends,panties all the time,skirts and tops also when can