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My New Chastity Slave

So i have my first recruit from experience project safely under lock and key. The poor little darling recieved his new lock from me this morning and after an hour of tease and denial on webcam in which he begged like a little *****, i got him to ice down his pathetic little **** and blue balls. Once it was small enough i ordered him to put on the cb6000 and "click" the boy is mine.
I ended the webcam session at that very second leaving him to contemplate his fate while i got my live in slave to lick me to climax. such a beautiful feeling.
Of course there is still room in my stable so if you want the same fate as my new toy then message me and get on the slippery slope to being owned.
mistresschastity1 mistresschastity1 26-30, F 5 Responses Aug 26, 2011

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Mistress I beg you, please take me as your chastity slave. Please. I canĀ“t stop thinking about being owned by you

sounds very exciting

Hello Mistresschastity,<br />
I always been a dominant one in the play and need to experience submissiveness for a change. After reading your post, it has strengthen my desire even more to have myself locked up along with a pierce, dog collar, ankle and wrist cuff restraint and much more. Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks !

Greetings Mistress!<br />
<br />
I read your post and I love it.<br />
<br />
I am a firm believer that all men, sissie's should be kept under lock and key.<br />
<br />
I would LOVE to be locked up.<br />
<br />
Just thinking about it is making me excited.<br />
<br />
What information does Mistress need from me?<br />
<br />
Take care and chat soon!<br />
<br />
Sarah Michelle

reminds me to older days when I was forced to wear one by my parents.

Wow, by your parents? How did they bring that up?