Chastity Evolving

My profile picture is of my slave wearing a new strap on. It allows his **** to hang idle in it's cage while I have him **** me in every position the karma sutra has to offer. The poor darling was absolutely broken! Especially when every now and again I would put my vibrator against his balls. The pre *** was flowing, I've never seen so much but new that I was making him truely happy after seeing the tears rolling down his cheek!!
I think he will rue the day he asked me to try out his fetish as since we started I've found out how much I love having him locked. All the chores done meals cooked foot massage every night b4 bed and of course lots of oral for me.
I'm fascinated by how purple his balls go when I'm teasing him. In sure he never thought that within a year of starting living out his fantasy that he would be going 3 months with no release and I'm not even close to letting him out! The poor darling only wanted a couple of days at a time!! Once locked a man truley looses all rights he may have had, well at least my slave has anyway!!!!
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A true Goddes :) I hope you and your boyfriend are having a wonderful time

sorry I have not posted for a while, didnt really get on with this site when they removed my pictures. However there are some great people on here so i will give it another go.
Anyway, i had some new toys arrive for cucky today and plan to put some pics up of him with them later!
i dont want to spoil it but lets just say that he may be able to **** me tonight. Lets just hope his begging and pleading doesnt fall on deaf ears. By the way hes been denied since new years day!! Plenty of teasing but no sign of an ****** for him yet!!

Wow 3 months my longest is 2 weeks

What a lucky slave you have, I would dearly love to be treated in such a manner

thanks for the replies

Am I the only one not able to view your profile picture? Or has it been censored?

Anyway, outstanding work on keeping him keen, but have you considered using a hollow sound before putting his cage on? Also heavy plastic, see-through panties are a must so that all his pre-*** won't be wasted and he can lick them clean every night after servicing you.

Just seen the profile picture- that is delightful indeed.

love it u are so good1

How much I would love to be him

Beautiful story :) I also thought that my chastity would last merely days. It's been over three years now, and obviously never going to end. She wants to castrate me and make my chastity totally escape proof. In forever chastity, I don't need my nuts anyway, so I agreed.

I got her revved up one night and came out with a hollow core strap-on so I could pleasure her a long time without c*ming, but she freaked out. So I backed off and have been slowly working dirty talk into our lovemaking conversations about her having a boyfriend. I got her all the way up to "I'm going to have a boyfriend and **** him right in front of you". She said it 2wice along with "I'm the boss" which is where she started with the dirty talk. So she is well aware of my fantasies about me sharing her and her having a boyfriend. I am moving slowly, but boy does the whole cuckolding thing really send me through the roof in terms of s*xual arousal. I think the hottest thing is giving up all control of my manhood and her applying absolute power and control over the last thing that I am in sole control over!!! So I have "manned the **** up", I am just waiting to be made into a servant manb*tch c*nt cleaner. I am here waiting with my soul exposed and the pre-c*m dripping reading all the posts on this site, It is all I have for now!

Wow !! You sound to me as though you could be my wife Mistress L's twin sister. I really loved your story and thank you so much for sharing

Fantastic.. Made me want to be your slave ;)

Do you also cuckold him and make him watch?