Oh Sweet Chastity...

I am locked into my chastity device again, who knows for how long.

It brings back memories from my days as an online slave. I never got to do this since I didn't have the money to buy the supplies, but here was my master's plan... I was to be locked into a chastity device, as any slave should be. I would then get some sort of lock box with a combination lock you can set yourself. I would be heavily blindfolded as I reset the combination in front of the camera. My master would write down the new combination numbers and then I would scramble them so I have no idea what any of the numbers were. I would then have to place all of the keys to my chastity device inside the box and lock it. With thousands of possible combinations, I would have to wait until my master gave me the numbers to be released from my device. Each time I was released, a new combination would be set. I often wonder how long he would have kept me locked up, and what he would have made me do while locked up. I imagine he would have made me take a swimming class so I must change in the public locker room and use the shower.

Years later I had an online friend I was talking to, she knew about the chastity belt I had at the time. I usually just played around with it, only wearing it over night or for a few hours. One friday night I annoyed her and she told me to put my chastity belt on and not dare to remove it until monday. Being the submissive I am, I did so. By sunday night the belt was really tormenting me. I asked her if i could remove it since it was nearly monday, she gave me a big no. She then had me put the keys to my belt under my mothers bed so I would not be tempted to remove it at night. Had she lived near me, she probably would have locked me up tight and taken the keys.
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