Stuck In Chastity!

Years ago, shortly after my discovery of chastity belts, I was playing around with the security of my lock. My belt had a bolt that screwed all the pieces together. It had an odd shaped head that was inside a hole so you could only use the keys to turn it. I was wearing it one day and the bolt came loose. I was at work none the less, trying to hide the large metal belt that just sprang open inside my pants. The next time I wore it, I used some thread lock compound that mechanics use and tightened it as hard as I could with the key. Doing that broke the key but I still had a spare. Later on when I went to remove my belt, I happen to notice my other key had a crack in it. I tried it and as I feared, it just spun over the bolt. So now I was officially locked into a stainless steel chastity belt with no keys!

As I was still new to chastity I panicked and wound up carefully sawing it off my body the next day. I wish I had someone there to calm me down and tell me it's for the best that I am just going to have to stay locked up now. Who knows how long I would have been locked up for if I had that.
moosebob moosebob
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1 Response May 19, 2012

That is to bad you destroyed it.