I'm a sissy maid and I'm looking for a chastity belt I'm going to have a prince Albert piercing and i want a device that fits throw the piercing i want to be under lock and key 24/7 365days xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

maidpriscilla maidpriscilla
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Dear Maid Priscilla.
Be careful what you wish for.
If you are really serious about 27/7/365. If you mean that the device should never come off for any reason then think carefully about the device you use. It needs to be one in which you can attend to the hygiene problems.You must keep things clean or you will get an infection and that can have serious consequences.

Work up the time you spend from a few hours each day during the first week and then complete days in the second week and then try a complete week. Any problems should show themselves in that time.

If you have a key holder from the start She should encourage you to follow careful progress working up to full time lock up.

Be prepared for times when you wish you were not wearing the device. They will happen but that is what being in chastity is all about.

In the end it will be worth it especially with a key holder prepared to undertake tease and denial.

I have been controlled by my current key holder since 1st Jan 2010. She is a marvellous key holder and the severest test She has subjected me was, after 2 years of continuous lock up apart from hygiene breaks, to be told to remove the device and not touch Her property except for hygiene purposes. That really tested my loyalty.

I wish you every success in your endeavour and hope you do get what you wish for.

My name is Monk because I do not get any except at Her command.

Black Monk

Hello. Carrara has a hole at the end of the p3nis tube to work with a prince albert piercing. I think the Carrara and prince albert are a perfect match, as it would constantly keep the p3nis held at a certain distance into the p3nis tube, and would be a constant "tugging" sensation at the end of the p3nis. Congratulations on the nerve to get a prince albert. I've thought about it but never had the nerve to go through with it.

any of the cb-2000 / cb-3000 / cb-6000 will work with a PA peircing, you put the cage on and lock it in place then insert a lock through the opening at the end of the cage through the peircing, now you can not pull out from the cage with out removing the lock from you PA.