Last year I was working ticket sales for a cheerleading competition and saw so many different cheerleader uniforms. And now ever since then I've wanted to try out one; there were a couple uniforms I saw that day that I'd love to have tried on. They're cute-looking, and tight-fitting I would wager, and the ones of two pieces look quite fun to wear.
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YES the panties that are part of the uniforms look really comfortable too !

You are a man wearing women's clothing. I think you need serious help

Depends... The thing is, I only want the experience, to see what it is like I wear such things. I have absolutely no interest in wearing women's clothing in public, or even in front of my family. I only want to wear them in the privacy of myself alone as comfort clothing, if that is such a thing, such as coming home from a long day at work and changing into something more comfortable. I do not want to "become" a woman. I am comfortable being a man- that was the gender/sex selected for me by my Creator when I was born, the way I shall live and execute my purpose in life, and that is how I shall die when my time comes. I dress and look male all the time in public and in front of my family and friends, and even in my own privacy almost 99% of the time I still wear men's clothing.
I don't even want to wear intimate items. Only the outer clothing, and that is limited to mainly dresses. (I love seeing women wear gorgeous dresses, an sometimes wish the variety in their styles was also similar for men- all we have are very slight variations of a suit that to non-designer eyes look very much alike while anywhere you go you might rarely see the same style on two woman at the same party.) Although sometimes I want to try other outerwear, the more "exotic" stuff, I guess, like this cheerleader's uniform story. Exploration I think is fine, but not to the extent that some people here go to. Those people are, I myself believe, definitely psychologically unhealthy. might be able to help you

they are fun to wear ;)

Majorette uniforms are sexy and short and one piece. Wore them through high school for my boyfriend. XOXO willow

Oooh yes, they are sooooo cute, I want them too....