At The Moves

Meany years ago some wear around 82 or 83 I was gust starting to go out with disposable under my jeans I decided to go to the moves
with a diaper so i did not have to get up in the middle of the move and miss any of the move to bath room thinking it would be fun too
back then the diapers were not as good as today store bot no Internet cheep So i went large pop popcorn I was enjoying the show
it did not take Long and I had to go so as planed i used my diaper that was fun it was a Long move about have way into it I had to go
agen not thinking if it would hold i used it agen and it did not hold my seat was soak as I was by myself I stay there until the move was all must over got up went over to the side door what-ed for the end of the move ran out the door to my car left leaving a wet seat behind I hope dry be for the next person sat down
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May 5, 2012