I want to wear a diaper but I can not access them without any one finding out. Should I just strait out tell my parents or fake wetting the bed or something im 13. HELP plz


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okay my plan is don't go anywhere over the summer. Stay at home. Once alone at home for at least 3 hours get some of your money, a backpack, and your bike and go to the closest store that sells them. If nervous about being seen by a friend or someone you can either say my mom told me too, or just go to one more out of the way or whatever. Once you buy them take them out of the package, throw it away, and put the diapers into your backpack. Bike home and you're done

most important you must act like you do not realize your wetting that might mean doing it school a couple of time , dozen.

there will probley alot of uncomfortable doctors exams including rectal exams and if you don't<br />
when know what that is your in for a real surpise when they stick a gloved finger up your butt or a insturment down your pennis . i get it done at least tsowice a year am it not fun so it's maybe best to you on your own when can just do it in the mean time enjoy and stay wet as much as can

Like JEFFWET said if you are serious about this then you first must keep in mind that it can backfire and you may end up with a score back side .in my case i never wanted to wet the bed and stuff but do to real medical problems and even being toldby the doctors that i could.nt help it i was beaten daily for it .so first thing is are your parents under standing

your parents (or probably your dad) must be ******** then. If the doctor told him you can't help it and it's a medical problem ....
would your dad also have beaten you if you were born disabled for being disabled?
in my country spanking kids is forbidden. your parents would have gotten in trouble if someone found out.
some people seem to be soo narrow minded, like if they would live some hundred years ago...

sneak some sodas in your room drink before bed and in the middle of the night . you might have to do this couple of times , it did take an operation on my stomach and now in diapers 24/7 and mess your self when out in public , act like you do not know it is happening. total regress is the only way.

i dont think my parents will all that "understanding"