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Wearing My Girdle.

i do wear a girdle and stockings under my work clothes and all of the rest lingerie with i like to feel very feminine when i am working.
phylisanne phylisanne 70+, F 4 Responses Dec 12, 2011

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you sound more logical than most females on here Hooray, you are standing up for femininity. I do applaud you for your stsnd.

Ah, the thought of high heels at my work desk! Alas, I face the wall and so there would be a clear view for my bored colleagues behind me. I often take my shoes off and walk around in socks, it not being visible that I have stockings on underneath them, held up by an open-bottom girdle no less. The garter tabs might just be visible as lumps on my trouser, though only to close inspection... But I have to be careful that my trouser leg doesn't ride up enough to show the top of the sock and thus the stocking underneath continuing. At an after-work drinks I was spotted but as they were heavy stockings (50 denier, being winter) I claimed them to be long-johns, and later found some black cotton long-johns to buy and bemoan the price of.
But wearing high-heels at work! I hope you (cdsubalice) remember to hide them when you leave the office, or indeed, remember to shake them off before departing your desk. Just think, there might be a fire alarm!

if i have so beuatiful garter belt ill wear to so i wear pantyhose daily hom eand at work i must feling naylon non stop or my **** must feeling femme underwear non stop

phylisanne, very good. I wear a girdle with stockings under my suit every day These days I wear a bra too whenever possible.