I Love To Wear A Girdle Under My Clothes

I love to wear a girdle with stockings under my clothes. I enjoy the snug feel of the girdle and the tug of the garters holding the stockings. The girdle helps to hold in my tummy.

I like and open bottom girdle style.
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It is just wonderful to wear those things, really enjoy it

Do you ever wear a high waist panty girdle with nylon stockings?

You are not the only one. I wear a girdle unter my suit every day. Mostly an obg with stockings. I love the tight feeling and the tugging of my stockings at the garters. <br />
And there are many benefits of girdle wearing. Your posture improves, you look better and the clothes fit better too. My wife has encouraged me to wear girdles. I´m grateful for it. Now I can hardly imagine a day without being firmly girdled.

Hi Strumpffan, I know I am not the only one wearing a girdle. And you are so right. One does improve your posture and slims down the bulges so you look better. You must have a wonderful wife/partner.

Yes, I´m very grateful to her. She convinced me to wear girdles regularly. She really likes it to see me in a girdle. Of course she wears a girdle too every day. It´s so nice to have something in common.

Yes it is. Do you and your wife share other types of lingerie?

We both wear our own lingerie. Our sizes are different. But for example we both wear the Doreen longline bra.

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