My Collar

I wear a heavy steel collar of my own design and construction. It is 40mm wide by 10mm thick, made of 20mm long segments pivoted on stainless steel threaded pins.

It is locked on and a friend holds the key. He will only release me if I get ill, get a job, or fly abroad. I've worn it in this form with the lock since March, and before that I wore it for a year as being  unremovable except by being cut off with an angle grinder- and that was an experience!

I am a 53 year old fella, dressed kinky all my adult life, and get complemented on my collar and other gear.
Arceye Arceye
2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I have my lock metal collar. I always wear collar for 3 years never come off. My friend have hold my keys. My friend live far from me. She drive to way to my house for 2 hours from her house. She wants me stay locked collar on around my neck for 24/7. She not have keys with her. She left keys in her house. She never release me.

Hey it would be fun to have a buddy like you locked in a steel collar and put on a short chain. Also, have you dressed in your kilt, maybe with a steel ring on your tool. I could train you and make you a better leatherboy. You would like it!