Why Not Wear A Loin Cloth?

Modern society has chosen fashion over comfort. IDK about everyone else... but I'm a heavy guy and I sweat when it's hot. The textile industry has made lots of cloths that will wick away the sweat and the soda industry has made us all kinds of drinks to replenish the fluids, salts and other things we sweat.

Lots of people, okay guys mostly, take their shirt off when they get hot but how many people don't take their shirts off and don't drink the specialty drinks to re-hydrate themselves? As an American, we consume and our consumption is what pays the bills of this who make the things we consume so why not wear clothing that covers us from head to toe? It will wick the sweat away and we can re-hydrate ourselves.... Sadly, some people choose to love in that manner... Not me.

I prefer to live naked. But were my house and life is situated, everything I do outside is in full public view. Granted the laws in my area do not forbid public nudity but they do discourage it and most of the law enforcement in the area would rather punish me via financial penalties and or the removal of my personal freedom.

So... my compromise is to wear a loin cloth. It covers all the required parts. And I've noticed of the summers that I'm not nearly as hot as others...

There is a layer of sweat that covers me from head to toe. I'm not dehydrated and I'm not drinking that much, to my surprise.

I don't let peoples stupidity bother me. I will educate them if they will listen...

This is just my opinion and thoughts...

alanwilliford alanwilliford
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 23, 2011

The traditional loincloth only covered the butt for protection. There was no cloth in front. Free and easy.

I'm not up on the history of loincloths, but the mass of cloth between your legs and covering your front and back seems way excessive. My understanding has always been that most loincloths were small pieces of fabric hung on a string, without the bundle between your legs. More like part of a skirt. Maybe my understanding is wrong, or maybe both were popular in different times and places.<br />
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I can't see myself wearing a big bundle of fabric covering my front and back. It would make body functions difficult and feel very non-naked in important respects. Just my perspective.

Depending on the material, it may or may not be a big bundle. But to your point, a loin cloth, should just cover not encase. Then again we always have the option of a kilt! I need to get the photos posted of me in mine.

It's just equivelant to wearing a thong underneath, it feels better with it in place, adds support and modesty.
In fact, i prefer it to being naked.

it's just a thong basically, and it's not restrictive, and is there for modesty, feels fine, and i prefer it, in fact it's better than being naked.