My Wedding Dress

I'm a t girl and I have always wanted to wear a wedding dress. I know I will never get married,but I have a desire to wear a wedding dress at least once. It would be fun to stage a fake wedding and walk down the aisle, but I would be happy just to get to wear one. It may sound silly, but I think that is every girls dream. It's my dream too. I"m a girl on the inside, hopefully a total girl someday.
Raeka Raeka
36-40, T
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You go girl. I too am a T Girl and its been my desire ever since i was little. I am now a lot older and I have been experiencing my female side a lot more now.

I want to wear a wedding dress, veil, tiara and pretty shoes and then walk down the isle to meet my prince charming. When he sees me he would kiss me and we could get "married" then after the wedding for him to take me to his hotel room and show me a good time on our first night as Mr and Mrs X

me also....its my dream to wear a wedding dress..

Yes , me too "I have a desire to wear a wedding dress at least once"

You go for it girl. x

When I was 18 I got to wear my mothers. It was an old style with the full sleeves and tight neck. With all the feminine attire I've worn. The ultimate feeling of wearing a wedding gown is unbelieveable. It changes how you feel on the inside more then anything else I've done.

I'm a t-girl and I felt the same way as all of you. I finally acted on it and went to a bridal salon and tried on 4 different gowns. It felt so wonderful to glide around, with the full slip caressing my stocking clad legs. I felt like a princess. It was such a downer to get back in my regular clothes. I am definitely going to do it again.

I would love to wear a weding dress to some day But the only place that it is appropriate is at a wedding .I can't see myself getting married so I will have to wait until a costume party is organised

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how about it?? beautiful ??lol

Yes this is the ultimate feminine dream to be a bride in a beautiful flowing gown, with everyone looking at you as you march down the aeil.<br />
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i have worn one around the house, long white strapless it was wonderful, i enjoyed it soooooo much, then i got guilts and got rid of it sad...

I could'nt agree more with my girlfriend Raeka. It is just something I have ALWAYS wanted. I want the cake, flowers friends, men in tuxes, food, band, etc... I have to be a bridesmaid for yours, and vice-versa Hon. I DREAM of the long sleeve dress with a BIG bow on the butt. Pictures GALORE.