It Finally Happened To Wonderfull Wedding....

I have recently met this very attractive older man on here and it seemed he was really into me and seemed to share my erotic fascination for brides and weddings. After talking about it for a while we met in a hotelsuite not far from where i lived. He wasn't really local but lived close enough to make it possible for us to meet and realize our mutual fantasies.

And so there was me, all done up in the most feminine of gowns ,a beautiful white satin weddinggown and veil, complete with all the sexyest satin and lace lingerie that goes with it.
Standing next to my large handsome fiancée, reciting my vows to love, honor and obey him. My groom all dressed up too. And he had actually bought me a ring..
"It's what every girl dreams of, right? And that was my ultimate dream too of course. To wear a beautiful wedding gown and feel all feminine and vulnerable.
After the ceremony i was in his strong arms and we kissed passionately, we danced, had champagne and more kisses and then retired to the bedroom.

So here is me, the nervous bride standing before my man looking ravishing in my satin gown.
Unknowing and girlishly fearful of what it will feel like to have my new husband's **** deep inside of me.
Meanwhile, he's as horny as a stud in a pen full of mares after spending the evening next to the vision of virginal beauty that i projected. To him, i was beautifull trophy bride for real now. His blushing innocent princess. And all he wants to do now is to take me and make me his woman. To find the sweet release of his juices deep inside of me. to claim  as his pretty little lady."

Imagine, me the blushing bride on my back in my wedding gown, with my stockinged legs high up in the air, on the shoulders of my big virile husband as he fills my girly *** with his thick, long manhood.
Deeper and deeper he plows into me, splitting me in two as me clutch the sheets and scream for him to stop.
But my screams only excite him more and he begins to thrust even faster, deeper and harder into me.
So hard i can feel my little ******* start to jiggle as he pounds me senseless.
Panting and squealing like a girl, covered in the femininity of the satin, lace and tulle of my gown and petticoats, i begin to feel the remains of my silly manhood slowly slip away with each thrust of his thick **** and i slowly become more and more female.
Then my stud slams into me one last time and holds me still as he pumps endless amounts of his warm seed deep inside of me, impregnating me - filling me completely.

MMMMMMmm..... i let out a long moan and shake my head in disbelief as i feel his ***** enter me, warming my insides.
 At that moment i feel so much like a girl that for a split second i worried about getting pregnant
I actually cried, like a girl. and then i layed back and basked in the afterglow like the woman i've now become. Feeling my husband's ***** swimming around inside of me, looking for an egg to impregnate.
My man has taken my virginitym  He came inside of me and made me his woman.
And i think will never be the same again.

Thank you my darling "husband" for making my dream come true.....xxxxxxxxx(the thought of our night together still sends shivers through my body my darling)

misszaskia misszaskia
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5 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I truly love you misszaskia and am so happy for you!!! I hope your man appreciates what a find you are. I wish I could have been a bridesmaid for you:-)

Think i'll divorce the bastard. Doesn't even wanna put me in his will.......

Bastard!!! How rude of him!!! To ravish you and not support you. Dastardly if you ask me!!!

Thanks for sharing that!

Mmmm.The the anticipation to feel my vagina being pushed open by a warm **** and filling my void..;-)

OMGosh, you describe your day/night so well. It is certainly a fantasy of many of us gurls, to be dressed as a bride and all the lingerie/accessories that go with that. Reading your words and imagining how your new husband made you his woman was simply delightful and I could really feel your emotions and you became his girl. Gorgeous.

Every girls dream