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I'd love to play a stewardess for someone. I'd be a hostess and give great service. Plus I'd be wearing that uniform and always have something special on underneath. Skirts or ladies pants would both be fine. My only request would be to join the mile high club
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I would be wearing a skirt with a top, with nothing under it, so if I bend over you can see my rose bud, and my cleavage...giggles

You tart

I am sweet...giggles

A sweet tart. I love wearing lingerie and long to taken out of it. After I'm felt up in that is

I could be wearing a teddy, to slip out of once the uniform unfolds to show my skin.

A silky teddy is very sexy and comfy

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Well, I guess we would both have to join together! A sexy shared first time!!!!

2 air hostesses

2 sexy air hostesses! Taking real good care of our passengers!

Can I be bumped up to first class? It's so noisy and cramped back there. I'll make it worth your while. *looks at the two sexy hostesses with puppy dog eyes*

Well of course! Follow me!

Premium service

The best in the industry! I meen us of course!

I think there is going to be turbulence on our flight

Buckle up! It's going to get wild!

I think i'm going to like this flight but i dont really like the turbulance part. Can you sit with me when that parts comes? If it gets chilly a blanket might be to "cover" up with. Unless of course you have a better way to take my mind of it?

Oh honey, your in good hands! Just leave everything to us!

*reaching out and grabbing a hand of each with a mischievous smile* well okay then I am all yours to take care of.

Leaning very close to you I buckle your seat belt. Oh my your pants seem tight. I smile at the tension in your front

This is definitely going to be a memorable flight!

We need to close off the 1 st class section

And turn down the lights!

My skirt is so tight. I take off my jacket to cool off and relax

Here, let me help!

Thank you sweetie. It's been a long flight and I've been on my feet. I need to get in a more comfortable position

Here honey, take a seat! Let's get those heals off!

Yes. Definitely. Mmm that feels nice. Oops. I popped a garter. Let me fix that

No no! I got this! Sit back and relax! Here, let me rub your aching feet!

Mmm. Feels wonderful

You have adorable feet!

Thanks baby. Can you attach my garter for me

Well of course! Here, hold your skirt up for me!

Let me slide it up. There. Oh my gosh! The 2 guys on the front row are looking right at us. See their heads are turned completely around

I hope they like the in flight entertainment.

Well, I guess the inflight movie must be boring! What shall we do?

I love showing and I hope they like the view but I promised my bf that I'd stop having so much sex

Them! But no I shouldn't

Awww. How about a nice kiss at least?

I guess a kiss couldn't hurt anything

I stand in front youand out my hands on the arm rests and lean down to you. You have a perfect view all the way down my shirt. I lick my lips before our lips come together. Your lips are so soft and taste great. Slowly my tongue parts our lips to find yours.

Mmm you taste wonderful. I wrap my arms around your neck. That's nice to be kissed long

As we slowly separate I stare into your eyes asking if you really want to stop there. Then i turn to Candi and pull her down for a kiss of her own

Gosh it feels so good. Is it wrong for me to feel so much pleasure without my bf

Isn't this flight going to Vegas? I heard that anyrhing that happens there stays there. Wouldn't this be considered close enough?

I'm starting to agree. Now I want to get out of this skirt for everybody

Can i help you with that?

Oh you better help. Giggle

Sorry girls, captain was hungry! Well, what have we here?

Its a long flight to Vegas and we were putting on a live show for the rest of the passengers since the inflight movie really stinks.

Me being naughty I'm afraid

And checking out some hot guys

*looks up* I think my halo is a little crooked today too. ; ) so weren't you getting hot and needed to get out of that skirt? *i lean in for another kiss. I trail my hands down the side of your chin and neck. Resting my hands on your shoulders as our lips connect again. Further sliding my hands down your sides I reach behind you to unzipper your skirt.

I see! I think that from the looks of things, the hot guys are pretty tense, and maybe we should try to ease their frustrations!

Blush. Gosh they are cute. I need to forget about bf just for a little while

Ooh. Yes your hands feel good on waist. Mmm

Just a little while wouldn't hurt a thing!
Besides, we always do what's best for our passengers!

I know and those guys need first class treatment. If I can get 1 to feel my *** I'm his

Lift that cute butt off the seat for a second so I can pull this skirt off of you. I want to see more of you

Oh sugar, I don't think you have to worry about that! Look at how exasperated they look! All wide eyed, and breathing hard! Be easy with them, let's make it last!

do you want to hand out tissues to them and let them watch the show or shall we make them part of the show?

Participation honey! Hands on!

Ok. *looks around the cabin and picks out the guy two rows up next to the window. i point and start wiggling my finger slow and sexy to come here*

The more the merrier. Omg look at that bulge

Oh I am! Can't take my eyes off of it! Whew! Now I'm sweating!

I wonder if he can handle all three of us? He certainly seems big enough to. I think he might even split me in half.

He is Big. My panties are wet. I really need to take off my skirt now

You're already unzipped. We just have to slide it off of you.

Oh, I think he will be just right! Mmmm! Yes, perfect!

Yes sweetie. Lets pull it down and show off these panties and garters. So good. Yes. Oh that wisp of air hitting my legs

I'm going to walk over to him is just my blouse panties and stockings to see if I can get his and his friends interest in us

Oh my! You certainly have his attention! And mine!

My goodness. His pants look like they'll burst. And, oh my his friend is looking at us. What he wants you to take off your skirt

Work it honey! I don't think there is going to be any problem in gaining interest!

Oh my! Well let's see if I can be cooperative! Oops! I forgot to wear panties!

I smile mr. Big and reach down to touch his tight pants. Candice he is so big! Slowly I rub him reaching for his zipper. My bf would be so whiny if he saw me now but gosh this guy is gifted

How is his friend over there looking?

You bad gurl. Did you lose your panties again? Where at

Silly me I guess I am the only one with pants on. Anyone want to help me with that?

Mmmm! I can see that! My I'm getting so wet!

Lets get you out of those pants. Much more comfy

I'm freeing his monster now. Candice look at this I say as I hold it

In the cockpit! Giggle! Told you the pilot was hungry!

Much I'll let one of the guys get the little thong off with his teeth. : )

Wow that thing is huge!! Stand him up and show him to the other passengers. I want to know if anyone has a bigger one

In the **** pit. I should have guessed. That pilot is cute! You need to ask him to look for panties. My guy isn't fully hard yet

Excuse me Candice. The guy from two rows up looks like a deer in headlights. I am going to have to help him out.

Gurl! Show that thong to them. Sexy. His friend oooh he likes you

Lets see if my mouth will fit on that

I suppose its more like butt floss but that's okay. It leaves just enough to the imagination for about the next minute.


Oh lucky you! Not fully hard, and already soooo nice!! Hey, see that cutie three rows down? I think he's mine! He almost looks scared! Poor thing!

That thong has just enough silk to be enticing and that passenger is looking at you and touching himself. He needs some help I think

I guess they forgot to read the special travel itinerary. I know I was expecting this much fun when I got on the plane.

Why don't you see if he needs some service poor thing

Air sissy! The erotic skies

Yes I must. : ) I walk over to him. Staring into his eyes. I straddle him put one hand on his shoulder and hit the recline button. Down we go.

I'm on it honey! Oh, he's so young!! And my, look at his nice surprise! Oh wow!

You're so bad. Don't make him climax in his pants

This one is like a rock. I am surprised his pants can even hold him in. *giggles* I rub my ***** and *** slowly across the outside of his pants. I look at the woman sitting next to him. I'm sorry is he with you? You don't mind if I borrow him do you? I promise I'll take good care of him and then give you something special afterward.

Is this the big **** flight? Look at them. Show me your guy. Oh my. Gosh are the pilots that big to

I lean over and give her a long deep kiss, our tongues entwined. Thank you honey. I knew you would understand. I say between kisses.

She may get hot and want to try out one of these ***** herself. Oooh he's pulling your thong over

Oh yes! The pilot and copilot are massively talented! But this guy! Oh god, just look at my trophy! Sometimes, panty less has it's perks!

Oh my. I think i got him even harder. He's peeking out of the top of his pants now. I rub myself back and forth just a little bit on the head that sticking out.

I'm the only one left with her panties still on but my guy wants to put it in me. Oh there he goes. He's got a hold of my panties and I think they are going to make a trip down to my ankles

Yes. He's going to take you soon

I slowly slide down his pants and off his legs. Bending at the waist to give the guy in front of me a perfect view I lean down and give him a little lick before unbuttoning his pants. The zipper comes down and I open his pants up to reveal another huge ****. I look at his wife. You are one lucky girl. As I finish I gasp as I feel a finger slide into me from behind.

You're both lucky to enjoy that

Oh my and I thought I was wet before as I feel the finger sliding deeper. Then his thumb finds my ****. Holy ****. Without further delay I grab the **** in front of me and run my tongue from base to tip and take the whole thing in my mouth as far as I can. I can only go about half way.

Suck that ****. My panties are being removed as I watch you. My new guy has his friend pull out his **** for me suck while he impales me. Ohhhhh my he's in me yes! Ah I'm screaming in 1 st class

Oh yeah work it honey. I start working just the head of the guys **** in my mouth. Slowly pulling from the base to the tip with just a little bit of suction. My breathing is getting deeper and faster as I start to moan while he is in my mouth. Just then a huge ****** rack my body from the guy playing with my *****. I cry out with and start ******* my first guy off. I just can't concentrate on him in my mouth at the moment.

You are beautiful getting laid. You're giving them a wonderful time. I can't keep sucking this guys **** while his friend is pounding my sissy rear with his monster. My bf has never been this good. Aww poor thing

I look over my shoulder **** still in hand and just look longingly at the guy who just fingered me to an incredible ******. He gets the message and gives me a cocky grin. He stands up and starts walks around unzipping his pants and pulling out his ****. It is not quite as big as the guy I am ******* off so I get an idea.

First I look over at the girl next to me. She is terribly worked up seeing all the action I am getting. She has her boobs out, her skirt hiked up, and a hand in her panties. I lean over and give her a big kiss and ask her to kindly lube up the new guy with her mouth while I get situated better.

Then I give her another long deep kiss and pinch her nipples. I hear a small gasp as the guy walking up reaches down to play with her *****.

I look over at you as my guy is holding my hips. I'm bent over now holding on to a seat with one hand stroking a **** with my other. My face smiles an grimaces while I enjoy this man and he enjoys me

You are hot. If there was enough room, I'd have my lovers take me closer to your group to **** me there

I look at the guy laying on the airline seat and he is clearly in heaven. I get back on top of him and slowly slide him inside me. He is huge and fills me to the point I feel I am going to split. Thank God the other girl fingered me to total saturation. I go up and down on him slowly at first while I feel my ***** stretch. Oh my God I have never had a **** this big. Holy **** here comes the next one Ahhhh!! I yell and drop my head down to his chest.

You take care of your men well

I turn my head to see my second guy very well lubed up by from the sloppy ******* he is receiving. I find speaking almost difficult in the glow with this huge **** in my *****. The distinct lack of movement is driving me insane but I manage to say to the second guy. Ok I want that in my ***. Honey can you help guide him in I say to the first guys wife. She just looks at me and smiles. First she comes behind me and gives my ******* a good licking all while her husband is still inside me. Just as she is finishing up 2 back to back ******* hit me hard and so suddenly I can't even cry out. I am just in heaven.

Just as the peak of the second ****** is coming down I feel the pressure against my ******* as she slowly guides him in. Inch by inch he slides in. I can feel him putting pressure against the **** in my ***** and before he is even all the way in another ****** hits me.

The wife wanting in on the action pulls her skirt up around her waist and takes her panties off. She walks around to her hubby's head and straddles his face. To do so she takes my face gently in both hands and lifts me up so we are level. I lift my butt up just enough so that both guys can start pumping in and out of me slowly at first till we all get the right rhythm down.

Feeling those two ***** in me sliding in and out and against each other with nothing but lots of nerve endings between them sends me into total multiples. The wife wants to kiss me but there is just no way I have enough control over my body at this point to do that.

I lean my forehead down on her shoulder because I just can't hold myself up any longer. Then she does it. She grabs both my nipples as sends me into a spastic ******. It is so intense I almost feel like I am going to pass out. I am so far out in la la land that i don't notice her bring her hand down to my **** before she is already playing with it.

Within seconds for the first time I ever I let out a huge torrent from my ***** as I squirt all over the guy I am on top of. This is way too much for him as I half hear a huge grunt, one final thrust, and so much *** filling me up that I can actually feel it pushing deep inside me. This sets off another ******.

The guy in my *** is pushed over the edge by the first guys internal finish and then I feel him slam into me one last time and other gusher. And then another hits me. This one long and mindblowing. I can not hold myself up. Totally spent and on the verge of blacking out I fall over onto the guys chest under me.

Once the two guys recover enough they very gently carry me back to my seat where the wife has set up a pillow and blanket for me.

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