Mom Won't Let Me Where Diapers

I really want to wear diapers. My mom said if she hears the word diaper I will go on full baby. She will buy me pacifiers bottels day and night diapers changing table crib stroller car seat baby toys mobil every thing baby help me
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6 Responses Aug 31, 2012

diapers dont make any one a baby hell bed wetters come in all ages

This might sound daft but call her bluff :/ like others have said, she might just be trying to scare you. The only other advice I can give you is to be careful, if you don't want this to happen but still want to wear diapers make sure you can put them somewhere she wont look and only use them when no one is around.

What reason did you give your mom? I want to be able to tell my parents i want to wear diapers too,but i don't think they would understand. I feel like its more convinvent in certian sitrations. I am 39 but don't have a drivers linease yet. Ask your mom if she was serioues about makeing you full baby,and how long you have to be a full baby for. She might just be trying to scare you,but if shes serioues,and says for rest of your life it your choice no one elses. If you don't want to be a full baby tell her ok i won't Mettion the d word anymore,and if you want to be a full baby,tell her ok lets go baby shopping.

I so want to be you but I can't.
Insted of you I will do it, have fun.
(I so jelles on you!)

i would do it

Guys please help me

anyways what ever happened with you, and your mom? Are you in diapers now,and a full baby?