"have You Changed Your Pantyhose Again?"

My lovely wife is most happy for me to dress in women's clothes anytime I like, although with children now I don't get as much chance as I used to. Apart from being a cross dresser, I am a terrible maker of choices and a real exhibitionist and added together it means that once dressed, I will change my outfits many times during those dressing periods.

One evening my wife and I got home and I rushed to get rid of my boring male clothes and instead got myself dressed up in panties, bra, pantyhose, skirt and top. Then I slipped on my heels and whilst my wife relaxed in front of the TV I cooked dinner and when ready I placed it on trays and took it in for us to eat whilst watching the news. I had chosen a pair of lacey, pattened black tights that evening with black sling backs, and whilst I was eating I decided that I was not happy with the pantyhose with the skirt I was wearing.

After dinner, I cleared up and before washing up went upstairs and put on some lovely silky black pantyhose with small dots on them and changed to some peep hole high heeled shoes which showed off my nail varnish through the sheer black nylon. Lovely I thought and went back downstairs to wash up. My wife came in and chatted with me as we dried up together. I pured us some more wine and we sat side by side on the sofa, her hand on my nylon glad knee, which was turning me on, I can tell you.

Later I thought I should do some ironing but realised that I was disatisfied with the pantyhose I had on, even though I had loved them hardly an hour before! So back into my pantyhose drawer and then I slipped into a pair of plain black semi shine sheer pantyhose and into another but different pair of black sling backs, these being slightly higher than the first. I toyed with changing my skirt for that lovely gray, smart kneelength but thought that would lead to a change of blouse or top, which would lead to a change of panties and bra so I decided against it - I can sometimes change outfits five or six times in a day!

I went down stairs again and brought the washing in from the tumble drier and was just folding them in the lounge when my wife who had made no comment previously asked me "have you changed your pantyhose again? I like those ones best". Maybe you will understand this but having her notice my pantyhose and passing a comment as if I was just another girl friend who she was trying to advise really pleased me. It was so normal. I asked her what she thought of the other pairs I had worn and she told me that the first ones had made me look "like a hooker" - well there you go :-)
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Cool. Your wife sounds a lot like mine. She is my fashion consultant and as a result not only has my wardrobe definitely improved but my presentation. When I am out either by myself or with my wife I blend being seen and simply accepted as another woman. My wife definitely helped get me away from what she and I now jokingly refer to as my teeny-bopper and hooker phases.

Excellent that your wife is also like mine. The real big wow factor for me is that it is so normal for me to dress. I asked her recently if she was still ok with it and she said that when I dressed she didn't even notice it now, meaning that it was totally normal - and that is really really fantastic!

Awesome Susan. For my wife if I dressed in something male that would be abnormal. And, at least for me, she feels that she is the lucky one in with me, as she says, "I've got the best of both!"