They Almost Subconciously Transform Your Walking Style.

My wish is to wear high heels everyday. Every day!!! I just could not think of myself being dressed with out my high heels.

To go to work dressed in a pretty dress or skirt and blouse with nylons and high heels.

I have discovered thatv wearing heels creates an inceible sensation of each step. For me, they  are and have always been easy to walk in, and I find that my feeling with every step makes me confident and is also free and fun. I'm pretty much ready-for-anything.

I just love my 'high heel' walk with those long, straight confident strides with a just enough bounce or sway. Plus the way my arms move with my body. It is just magical for me.

I think walking in high heels is a wonderful and a sensual experience. I feel very feminine and sexy when I have my high heels on.

When I'm in high heels, I'm in heaven. A really comfortable place and feeling for me.

Heels are good, high heels are better, strappy high heels are better yet!!!

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
9 Responses Aug 5, 2010

It would be nice if the pics showed mens in heels instead of womens legs

But, that how my legs look ... course I embrace the woman in me.

They are glorious; I was able to walk in them within 5 minutes of getting my first pair... and the felt just as I had always pictured them feeling (tactile synesthesia, I consider it a bonus.)

oh josie ... shoes ... shoes ... yes yes yes .... lol ... I love the black ones with the gold heels ... yummy!

I know they say high heels are bad for your feet. But they are so beautiful and glorious.

LOL sorry that's the male gene......

Very sexy indeed.....

haha, great :) I prefer sneaker.. :D

I first tried on high heels at age 5 and walked as if I had been in them for years. No wobbly, tripping or anything. It has been the same ever since.<br />
<br />
Practice make perfect.

It's nice for those who can walk in them. =) I would hit my nose as soon as I made the 1st step downstairs. When I was taking ball-room dance classes I had 5cm high heels and it was enough to learn how to walk, neither how to dance in them.