I Realy Want To Wear Nappies

Ok, so this isnt so much a story but more of a message asking for help. Im 13 and I realy want to wear nappies but I have absolutly no idea how to tell my mom without sounding like I have a mental problem so please leave comments telling me how. Since I don't know how to tell my family I've kept it a secret. I also think that hot girls in nappies are realy cut and sexy. Ive almost been caught a whole bunch of times looking a pictures and videos of tenn girls in nappies on the internet. Im not a stalker or anything, you girls just look so hot in nappies (please note that I do not want to "hook up" with anyone over the internet. I also wouldn't mind being trapped in a nappy for a day. So please help me, if I can wear nappies then I'll probly have some real stories for you. By the way, this is the first story I've shared on EP ever. By the way I'm actualy 13.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

I would try and tell her what you would like to do by email. Just think about it and write in words that she would know and understand, that kind of thing. Good luck to you.