Tan Pantyhose In Public

I have worn tan pantyhose in public many times. Most of the time it is with a pair of blue jeans. I will usually wear a pair of flip flops or thong sandals. I will bunch up the pantyhose at the toe and push the extra material between my first two toes so I can slide the thong between them. When I have gone into the local shoe stores to try on womens shoes the sales ladies usually will tell my my hose covered feet look better than most women that come into the store. I will usually stay hard in my hose. Once back in the car will slide my jeans off and pleasure myself through my pantyhose. While driving I will put my hose covered foot on the dash board up against the door so people passing by can see my hose covered foot and leg. I love the feeling.
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5 Responses May 27, 2010

I go to the Hanes hosiery outlet and buy packages of support pantyhose. Always wearing pantyhose and shorts when I go there. Met a sales guy who stocksmolested the shelvesgame there. Started talking. Now he wears ph under his jeans. Great new gay buddy.

I would rub those pantyhose feet and legs for you then take you into the changing room too sweetheart

I am a cross dresser and want to go out in public but live in a rather conservative neighborhood any suggestions?

That it is. I rarely go bare legged.

How about getting rid of the long pants and go out with shorts. Show off your pantyhosed legs. Shop for your shoes and get yourself some more pantyhose too while dressed that way..