Not Ez

not long after tellin my new bride bout my hose hobby, i wore them with her to the grocery stoe (later at nite). thot i got a 2nd glance from a young stock boy. whole time heart was racin!!! went to da bar for a drink after. slow nite, but hose n shorts in a small town aint ez. month ago a younger friend came over n seen them below my jeans n asked if i was weird or sumtin. just told him they were compression hose for my bad leg. he srill stops by n i still wear in front of him (with jeans, of course). the rush is there, but the courage is gettin there lil by lil. a bigger town would be great!!!! kinda ruff neck area. but komfort n kink can go hand in hand!!!!!! or would that be kwirk??? or why the hell cant i wear pantyhose n not have to worry bout nuttin?????
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41-45, M
Sep 11, 2012