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Ff Stockings

I already wear them, my fave are full fashion seams stockings , cuban heel.  I buy them on the web.
They are not really "vintage" but they are 100% nylon and are made on the same machine they used to make them ^^.
They are quite fragile so most of mine have laddering or ripped a bit but idc since i like that look. you have to wash them by hands or like me, you just shower or bath with them on :P
NemesisLusch NemesisLusch 22-25, F 10 Responses Jun 6, 2011

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Just find that ladies who wear vintage stockings are so very sexy !

Wet or dry stockings are sexy, as a cder I love all my hose , stockings , body stockings ..even knee highs when needed. I wear some form of women's attire under y man clothes daily. Can't and won't live w/ o.... All of it ..heels, lingerie, nail polish , wigs - working on those , expensive ....
Would love for someone to give me full on make over ... I'm not femme , but love the idea of being transformed...

Yes,i love this kind of stockings too,in facti have more than half a dozen that i use to wear with clogs or mules,so when in public, every body can see my cuban heels, that escites me a lot. Cheers!

That sounds like a great way to wash your stockings.

vintage ff nylons are the only nylons i like to wear just love the keyhole welt wear them with 4 6 or 8 strap suspender belt or vintage girdle

mhm smexy ^^

ummmm i really love FFS very sexy and classy<br />
love to see ladies in them

Thanks for the tips ^^

Ff stockings are so sexy. I do like the wet look when a woman wears them in the shower.

yeh totally :)

Showering or bathing in them is more fun :-P