Sunday 7:30 A.M.
Showered and shaved. Wife sleeps til 10. Slip into my nylon tricot gown
(brown, plain scooped neck, 3/4 sleeves) and fasten my garter belt. Slide a new pair of dark brown FF's from the tissue and after turning one inside out, gather and smooth them up my legs, fingering the seams in line as I go. Theses are long stockings and I shorten up the
6 straps to keep the stockings taut.. In my white bathrobe I go to the kitchen and make myself a pot of coffee. With newspaper and coffee I go out the patio and sit under the umbella so that the morning sun is shining on my nyloned legs. Open field behind my house - complete privacy. The sun paints a shiny streak along my thighs and makes a starburst of light where the nylon is stretched taut over my knees. Slide the nylon tricot gown up my thighs to the top of the welt. So wonderfully slippery. I cant help caressing my nylons, letting my hands slide to the back of my legs and running my fingers over the seams. Hard to concentrate on the paper with all the luxurious sensations of nylon sliding over nylon. Getting aroused- take it easy!
10:AM, Wife comes out with a cup of coffee, sits beside me and runs her hand over my thigh. Uhm she says that feels very sexy but you promised to take me shopping today. Maybe tonight - wink wink.
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..........oh how well put, sounds like a VERY fun day!

Wonderful !!

your so sexy xxxxxxx

like it