Is Anyone In Fort Carson, Colorado?

My boyfriend is going to be station for six years. We are planning to get married so I think I will be there around this summer. I was wondering if anyone is there already? I look at pictures and it seem really pretty. We will both be 20 when he get married. Whats it like there? I think we are going to live off-post but I'm not sure where. I'm also currently in college.

I hope you can help me some!

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7 Responses Feb 11, 2009 But I don't put any unit identifying info at all up here publicly....feel free to message me if you want.

He is doing the same thing...I wonder if my soldier and your soldier and you are in the same unit!

Hey, my soldier comes home from deployment soon and will be in Texas for a few months and then will also be in Colorado. I'm in California now, and planning on moving to CO this summer....

Alright I will let you know!

well let me know when he is out this way!!! keep me posted on Carson!

Thank you...actually he will be at Ft Hood for like 5 weeks when he gets back then I think he is goes to Ft. Carson!

I can't tell you about Carson, haven't been there (YET) I am at FT.HOOD TX, but I can suggest to go to the FT.CARSON website, just go to your broswer and type in FT.CARSON ARMY BASE. I did that with Fort Hood, and I got a whole bunch of info from everything ON base and housing lists, shopping, schools etc. off base! best of luck!